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The journey to get my seized passport and go back home

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rooryangel, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Thanku so much canuck for your precious time replying to my concerns.
    I am not a canadian citizen nor i have a PR, and i dont have any other family member in canada to ask for help. Do u know any refugee protection programs which can help my mother regarding paper work?
  2. Where does your mother live? Province? City?
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  3. Hi, thanku for replying.
    She is in toronto, caledon
  4. I wish I lived there to help you better, but I searched for refugee places in Toronto in Google, and several places popped out.

    1. Refugees & Immigrants Information Centre
    ~ Address: 240 Wellesley St E Toronto, ON M4X 1G2

    Phone # (416) 961- 7027


    2. FCJ Refugee Centre
    Address: 208 Oakwood Ave, York, ON, M6E 2V4

    Phone #: (416) 469- 9754
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  5. That is so nice of you,and thank you so much for your concern, i will always keep u in my prayers that someone helped me in my family's bad time.
    Thanks alot
  6. Guys i have found on refugee board website that if your case has been referred to refugee ptotection division(RPD), and no case hearing has been conducted till yet, then you have to fill the "notice of withdrawl form" sign it and submit it in RPD in person,courier or by fax..
    As my mom cant go to RPD do u guys suggest me to get that form filled and signed by my mother and send a fax to RPD?
    Will they respond to this fax?
    Plz if anyone knows about it?
    Thanks in advance

  7. yes

  9. how did that happend
  10. Seized PR card? But why and how?

  11. How do they seize pr card
  12. I dont know about this carol

  13. ok
  14. Hello i withdraw my refugee claim and i recieved letter from IRB that conform my claim withdraw, I contacted CBSA and they told me to book flight i book my flight by myself then CBSA sent me email that which time i have to go airport and report CBSA and CBSA will provide me certificate copy of passport and letter which allow me for boarding the thing is that when i will get my passport back .
  15. Yes you will receive your passport at the airport.

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