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Students for September 2019 intake


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Feb 2, 2019
good for you i have recived rather a different e-mail from them :

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in response to your recent enquiry to the Immigration Section of the Consulate General of Canada in Bengaluru.

Your enquiry refers to a case being processed at the CPC Edmonton. We do not have carriage of this file in our office.

Please contact the above mentioned office directly. The contact information is available on our website. Please indicate urgent in the subject line if the enquiry is urgent.

We trust this information will be of assistance.


Client Service Unit, Migration | Unité du Service à la clientele, migration

Consulate General of Canada in Bengaluru | Consulat général du Canada à Bengaluru

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
Have you send the mail then?


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Aug 22, 2019

Have you send the mail then?
CPC Edmonton is not open to public. they neither have any public e-mail address nor they have any toll free number. Thats why first I was shocked when you said you talked with the agent, i cant even mail them any thing..:D:D


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Aug 22, 2019
I mailed my college (norquest)
The replied if u dont submit ur original documents by 4 sept ur programme would be withdrawn
hi there, thats why we choose ontario as province and area for college selection. They provide a good facility in times like this. If you think You are not able to make it on 4th september, then ask for an extension in your intake, make it through january intake.

Jovan Singh

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Jul 21, 2019
See guyz, i was partying hard, and just now i received correspondence letter, lol not ppr yet, but expecting it within a few days.

Let's go to party, good results will come

Applied July 29
Bio 30
Correspondence August 22

Ppr- on the way bebey

Lets go to party
What is
finally i got ppr today. all the best to all
you got 2 mails simultaneously from do not reply
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Jul 10, 2016
Hi I applied for study permit for September intake there is no response yet from cic and college starts from 3rd September
My timelines : Submitted online application on July 19th
Biometircs : July 30.
Applied from New York, called CIC agent, they say me to wait as the application is under process.

Totally stressed out as college starts on 3rd sep and no response from them, anyone here with same situation ?