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Students for September 2019 intake


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Aug 2, 2019
If you receive one more email during night then definitely it is your passport request
I applied 2nd time on 19th july sds
Medical pass on 9th aug
Today recvd 2 correspondence letter.

Wat does this mean. Mostly people get corrsp nd ppr letter all together. Is this refusal???


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May 15, 2019
I submitted my file on 10th July under SDS
Biometric Done: 12 July
Medical Updated: 19 July
Biometric confirmation letter: 28 July

After that there is no update!
I have been waiting like crazy to get an update. The most frustrating part is I spoke to an IRCC agent and got to know my application has been approved and because of some technical error, the update doesn’t show on my GCkey. She said she was very sorry for all this but she can’t really do anything about it nor can I.

I need to ask a question that why do they even have the category under SDS. I have sent them 3 web forms and gotten no reply. This is frustrating!
How did you speak to the agent??


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Jul 23, 2019
I had my biometric on 15 july
Got one mail from do not reply at 9:36 pm nd one at 10:06 pm IST
I m so worried.
My gc key is with agent
Wht are the mails about?


Aug 5, 2019
Thanks for your reply! I am worried because my friend applied (2 years ago) and his Background Check never changed. It was always 'Not Applicable'. Maybe now-a-days background check changes for everyone. Or is it just me ? (Mine says we are processing your background check) Should I be worried??

Does everyone have this on their profile?

Please reply I am so worried.[/QUOTEit says the same for me too


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Feb 10, 2019
Two of my friends who applied SDS. I dont know their detailed timelines. However one applied on 3 August and one on 5 August. Both got their PPR yesterday 14 August. So I guess some of the applications are processed really fast.
Their bio date bro?? You would mind texting you on Whatsapp ?