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Status bar tracker

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by SCOTCAD, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. I can't see it either. Apparently is not available for everybody.
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  2. Yup. I don't have one either. The email I received says I do (I realise the whole thing was a gimmick anyways, so... whatever ...)
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  3. Do canadian govt also operate like Indian govt? Whats the diference then???
  4. Me too dont have progress bar.Any of you having this "Details about your application status" which says application step and status?
  5. Same is here I submitted on 20 July 18 , but till date no update except that my medical have been cleared.
  6. Transparency would indeed at least help to plan your short-term future accordingly

    Only just today, I discovered these Excel sheets that track the progress of individual cases... If I understand correctly, it seems from my April group, 80-85% have received approval ("Passport request"), from the May group 75% and from June over 50%. However, if you have been waiting for more than 6 months, you're bound to have to sit it out for a while. From my April 7-14 group, only about 2-3 out of 10-15 have received a positive response in the two months following the 6-month deadline. The only explanation I can think of is that they are waiting for information from other sources and they are not pushing enough for this information to be received on time. I have requested the notes (GMCS or something?) to figure out whatever the real reason is... If there is a blatant mistake, I am going to talk with a lawyer.
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  7. Yes, started the process for PR through Express visa (points + Ontario nomination) November 5th and to completion May 5th 2019 for me.

    No medical cleared on their side yet.

    Guess gotta be patient....!
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  8. Nope checked it , but there is no bar the page was same like before, full to mood off

    Now can't know the estimation also
  9. 135 days...
  10. I still can't see the progress bar
  11. Me neither
  12. Yes, this is exactly what the status bar is for. They just don't want people calling them with the annoying question before 6 months. I don't understand why people are upset about this.

    It is just an average estimation time, most applications are processed before 6 months only some rare ones take longer. Just because someone else got processed within 2 or 3 months doesn't mean your application should too. All applications are different and they are processed at their own pace.

    This status bar is actually helpful :)
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  13. Similar situation here. Submitted on the 28 of July and only seeing the medical done......I get a heart attack ever time I get an email. This is no way to live :/
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  14. Impatient people are delaying the process by calling again and again, tweeting and mailing and not realizing the fact that this will only delay the process of everyone as the same officers have to do everything. Be patient and trust in the process, if your documents are clear, we all will get PPR mail some may get few days early while some will have to wait.
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  15. Exactly after MEP all cases are different

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