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Status bar tracker

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by SCOTCAD, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Can you please describe what’s new in it ?
  2. You should click on the action button
    You should get it once you click on the status button
  3. Essentially all it seems to be is a bar with on the left hand side when you submitted the application, then on the right hand side of the bar an estimated date of the application being accepted. The progress bar will fill up as time passes and you approach the estimated date, however the estimated date is just taken from average processing times rather than unique to your application I think. So essentially all it will do is give a visual aide of how long it has been since you submitted the application...
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  4. It gives you the start date and the end date
  5. So they’re just adding 6 month to the AIR ???
  6. That’s extremely disappointing. They think we really needed help in calculating when 6 months is up? Seriously?

    Super disapppinted. Never had much hopes from this, but still disappointed. Wait, is this some kind of joke?
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  7. Thanks ...
  8. I submitted in September and its says March... Many of my friends got passport request in 3 months... I paid all the fees upfront and also send the additional document(RCMP) they asked me later.
    Is this usual ? Please advice.
  9. Yes, I'd far rather they sorted out me being able to login without being taken on 10-20 continues loops before I can see my application before adding trivial things like this. If the progress bar actually updated as certain parts of your application were completed and gave an estimated date to competition as these were checked off based on your personal application it would be of massive help. As it stands it doesn't actually give any new information sadly.
  10. I could have written a stand alone app in 5 mins that asked users to enter their AOR and produce this status bar result by adding 6 months.

    They didn’t have to mess with the login at all !! I can’t bloody login now !
  11. Given how many people call asking how long it's gonna take: yes. Some people really do need help. Either that or they simply ignore the estimates.

    This is obviously intended to prevent people calling and mailing before 6 months. They underestimate how impatient people can get, though. I don't think calls are gonna drop
  12. My application has already crossed 6 months so I was curious to see what would be displayed in the progress bar.

    Has anybody else been able to see it except Noor dxb ?
  13. I can see the process bar and its results are pathetic !!

  14. All the status bar is doing is adding 6 months to when you submitted your application. It could well be done this month and within 3 months, the status bar isn’t an accurate representation of how far along your application actually is.
  15. If counting time from AOR is only what it does then it's nothing but a joke.

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