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Status bar tracker

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by SCOTCAD, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. This is insane...I think I am going to land up in an asylum soon. This wait for PPR is killing me. Just no clue of what is happening. Life is stalled since last 85 days...unable to make any decision...professional and personal both...horrible.

    However got very happy upon the news that some clarity will come after the introduction of the status bar...but kaboom...logged in and found nothing right now.

    God pls show me the way....Pls....:-(
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  2. I'm a bit sceptical of how useful it will actually be? It sounds like it's just going to tell me it takes roughly 6 months for express entry which is generic information not unique to anyones application?

  3. It'll be okay mate, we've all done all we can at this stage. There is no point losing sleep over it as you can't change or affect it now. Everyone going through the application has the same nervous wait but i've realised very early on to just accept it will take as long as it takes.

    I actually have a job interview in Canada at the start of March, but ironically can't guarantee I will be able to attend in case I get the PPR at a similar time which is making me not want to book flights incase I will be without my passport when I need to fly...
  4. Exactly my thought.
  5. Oh just 85 days? Come on!
    I’m already in an asylum. Entry is strictly after 100 days - so you still have some time. Hang in there!!
  6. It's been a bit over 6 months for me now ... I'm managing the asylum now I guess LOL
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  7. Not the only one, it's been like it from the moment I created my profile.

    I have an iPhone, iPad and MacBook and have the same issues. My work computer runs windows 10 and it has the same issue, I've tried in private browsing modes, clearing cache, different browsers and as I say different devices and still have the same issue every-time. I always eventually get in but usually after about 10 attempts which i have to say makes me lose my temper if I'm just wanting to quickly check something.
  8. That might make me the owner. Its over 8 months for me now :( They said they were dealing with it when I asked after the 6 month mark and that they would aim to get it completed soon, but I'm still waiting!
  9. I hope you get the answer very soon... It's a loooong tedious wait
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  10. I'm the manager then. 228 days after AOR here.
  11. I am gona be the ceo 270 days ... not even a MP pass updated
  12. The stalling is the worst! I need a new chair but can't buy cause I don't know if I'm gonna get PPR or not. Meanwhile my back might kill me before PPR arrives
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  13. If anyone see's the status bar please do post a screenshot so we can see what it looks like.
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  14. OMG... have you tried calling them?
  15. I got the mail about status bar but can't see anything

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