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Status bar tracker

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by SCOTCAD, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Still its not visible. I guess i will login later and see whether its visible
  2. I’ve re-read the email and to be fair, it does state that all it does is tell you how much time has elapsed since your application was submitted in comparison with the average processing time.

    So they didn’t promise anything more, but I would question why they’ve made a song and dance about it. I don’t think this will reduce people pestering them for an update at all. If anything it will make people more angry if their application exceeds the estimated date after 6 months and they then have it in writing.
  3. Hey guys.. I can't see any status bar. Where should I find it?
  4. Is this status bar for study visa applicants as well?
  5. Guys, the message that they’re trying to send with the implementation of this bar is quite clear: Stop annoying us before your 6-months periods is complete.
  6. you're right ! but because 6 months for me have passed a long time ago....from now on I'm going to call them each and every day!!!
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  7. Yeah, after 6 month is fair game. THE BAR HAVE SPOKEN
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  8. Well, I already sent my request for updates... 8 months and counting for what really is a very straightforward application... I will send a new request every week from now on. The level of arrogance is astonishing: they know with the lawsuit they have to brush up their image and they think this is enough??
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  9. This is just a joke. application completed since August yet no ppr...aor feb
  10. I cannot even see the bar in my account...I donot understand why such a update worths to sending emails to everyone twice....
  11. Hi i am not able to see the status bar.

    Since morning i logged in many times, but couldn't find the status bar .

    Can you tell me where to look .
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  12. Just check your status as usual...then scroll down. you can't miss it.
  13. Totally agreed. We as immigrants go through so much in this process. We're not asking for much, we just want more transparency in this process.

    A message like "Dear applicant, your application has been delayed for this and that, expect an answer within the next week, month or whatever" would be more than enough.
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