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Startup Visa Program Timeline

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by deenfae, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone, @Mauchan

    I am applying for SUV WP, but have some confusion regarding the online application. I answered all the questions as per CIC instruction on https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/start-visa/work-permits.html for SUV WP, but after submitting my answers I get “Foreign Worker” category whereas the website says I should get “Foreign Worker - International Mobility Program”, category. Could someone please advise if I am missing something?

    Also, my required supporting documents check list is showing these documents, but not sure what I should submit for these. I have already submitted offer of employment.

    Proof that you Meet the Requirements of the Job Being Offered (required)
    Employment Contract (required)

    Moreover, not sure how to submit my commitment letter as it is not showing up in the required document list.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey Everyone,
    Thank You for taking the time out to guide us.
    This website has been really helpful to me in my SUV process.
    We have successfully secured "Letter Of Support" and now moving on to the next step.
    My Partner and Me are on a student visa in Canada and will soon apply for PR under SUV.

    My questions are:
    1. Do we need to submit separate PR applications to CIO (i.e pay separate processing fee $1540)?
    2. Can we submit the entire application online or it has to be mailed and then linked online?

    Thank you so much, guys!!!
  3. Hi sv77,

    I meet the exactly same situation as you do,did you figured it out whats the reason?And how it can solve?

    Or does anyone how to solve this problem?Thank you friends.
  4. Email me at brandingsolutions101@gmail.com, we can schedule a Skype or phone call and I’ll show you how my team did ours.
  5. 1- if you are referring "partner" to the other co-founder , yes you have to submit your application separately + pay separate application fee .

    2- You must submit it on paper and once received your AOR, link it to your online account.

  6. I'm a pro-active International Business Development Manager having more than 20 years' experience in setting up SMEs as well as large size Corporates in the emerging African markets like Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Kenya. I am looking for Companies in Canada who are interested in setting up their business in Africa
    I would like to know if I can try to get start-up Visa through some interested Company/Sponsor. How to contact the interested Sponsors/Incubators ?
  7. Thank you so much it really helped
  8. Hello Everyone,

    I was following this discussion forum from very long. Reading other peoples query and answers and i got idea whats going on in SUV application process.

    I want to thanks all in this discussion forum you actually help all other newcomers those who are seeking knowledge about this process and all of you help me a lot.

    So its my duty to update you all for my experience in Startup visa. Because i got the PR and i landed in Canada now in Toronto.

    Here is the timeline for my each step in the application.

    Application Received Dec 23 2018
    Acknowledgement Jan 3 2019
    Request for medical Feb 24th 2019 (sent everything the by March 07 2019 - medical test done)
    Request additional doc March 20th 2019 (sent everything the by March 30 2019 )
    Application approved - request for passports April 03 2019
    Final determination and COPR signing April 25 2019 (Passport stamping Done)

    I got selected by the incubator in Ontario GTA area. We are the Three partners in this startup. By the incubator, we must need to hire their immigration consultant and need to pay the fee to them to prepare our file. But Before submitting our file to the immigration department it took us bit time Because our consultant gave us complete instruction on how our file and documents need to include. I think thats, why our PR application process was faster than others as our documents, are aligned as per the immigration guidelines. So the officer didn't ask any further documents from us.

    When we landed at YYZ airport. There was not such an interview. They just ask us where we want our PR card should be ship to thats all. We also got SIN number at airport.

    I hope this will help others to get an idea about process.

    if someone wants to talk to me you can write me mail - rajan7660@gmail.com

    Hope you All get PR for Canada.

  9. Hey Rajan,
    Really happy for you guys, I am currently in the process so can relate.
    And Thank You for updating us with the information. :)
  10. I need some help .I and my friends have small start-up company outside of Canada .
    Can you pls advise if I should actively be working in a start-up (outside of Canada) before applying for SUV ? I am currently not drawing any money from the tech start-up in India (as i work in another job as well ) but contributing to the strategy ,planning and am one of the co-founders . This start-up is now kicking off well and so now gearing to take a full plunge into this . Do you think i can qualify or am ruled out since i am drawing salary from a different company and not the current start-up company in india ?
  11. Congratulations and thanks for the information.

    I will like to know if you applied for SUV Work Permit along with the PR or you just applied straight for the PR.

    Can you also state the additional document requested for so as to send along with my application?

    Thank you.

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