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Startup Visa Program Timeline

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by deenfae, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Can anyone tell the timeline for Business Startup Visa Program for PR?
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    5 - 9 months after a complete application is received and acknowledged by the Sydney intake office . It used to be much faster during the pilot stage though.

    Also, unlike many other programs, the review of eligibility happens first, followed by the medical examination.
  3. hi mauchan can u share ur experience with us, was it a brand new business? how did u approach the investors, did u meet them?
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    1) Brand new business but spin-off/evolution of my existing profitable IT business.

    2) Met Canadian investors through a reference from a well-known Silicon Valley VC firm.

    It took me nearly 3 years to get a letter of support from the day I began my research on the Start-up visa.
  5. cool thanks for the reply,

    do u need investment from venture capitalist/angel and also get accepted to an incubator?
  6. S
    Please see my reply to your other thread.
  7. The CIC recently updated the application processing times and it's 14 months now.
  8. but once u get the support from an investment group u can apply for work visa , go to canada and start the business right? before u get the PR, i ready somewhere VC or incubators issue support for work visa too if they approve ur business
  9. That number should be taken with a grain of salt. It displayed 12 months just a few weeks ago. That number probably includes the peer-review period which adds a few months to the processing time.

    Correct, you can land in Canada first and then apply for PR. The letter of support and commitment certificate has a field which mentions if the essential applicant needs a work permit under the SUV program. But you have to mention that to the designated entity before they issue you the letter of support (form IMM 5766), else you won't be eligible to apply for a work permit.
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  10. thanks, Mauchan really appreciate your help, most guys just disappear once they get their PR but u are here helping us even after u got your PR, you are a great guy,

    btw, about the essential candidate, I see this everywhere, does it mean we can have non-essential candidates in our application? if not what the point of specially mentioning the term, "essential" candidate everywhere
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    You're welcome. If there are four team members and all are 'essential', then even the rejection of a single essential member will result in the refusal of all applications.

    But if there are two essential and two non-essential members, then the rejection of non-essential person has no bearing on the applications of essential members.

    Again - this needs to be communicated to the investor before they send the commitment certificate or IMM5766 to IRCC. The form has a section to identify essential and non-essential persons.
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    You're right in September 2017 was showing only one month and in the evaluation of the Start-Up Visa, the report said that the average time was 4 months with the approval rate of 80%.

    In what process are you guys? I just send my application in May no response yet.
  13. hello any updates on your start up processing? Did you received medical exam request yet?
  14. did u get a support from investor or incubator? can u explain the process, like how u contacted them and what questions they asked etc, thanks
  15. No medical exam yet, the application was received at the end of May and nothing else happened since :)

    I got accepted into an incubator program. I contacted a lot of incubators and investors and it was all cold contact from their website. They ask all the questions that you can think of you should know everything about your business and why Canada would be a good fit for your business.

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