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Startup Visa Program Timeline

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by deenfae, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. The WP applicants I mentioned were all outland. Like I said, the timelines are anything but predictable.

    Yes, incorporation is a choice. If there is an urgent business need, then the entrepreneur can go ahead and incorporate before becoming a permanent residence.

    However, the corporation details will need to be updated again (once the applicant receives PR) for the CCPC tax break.
  2. Good points.

    Many incubators I spoke with are looking for startups with 'existing revenue' not those at idea stage. I guess they are looking for entrepreneurs who have created a solid business outside Canada and are simply moving it here to pay taxes.
  3. I am lost here. ''begin billing and collecting receivables" from the home country or from Canada? How could it be done if not incorporated in Canada?
  4. Hi again,
    I initially mentioned and again insisting on this :

    Effective April 2018

    “Officer must be satisfied that you will incorporate and run your business once receive your Pr”

    That means more power for officers to refuse the application. So its not all about urgent business need, but at least building more trust with the case officer. I however know it maybe hard to find a Canadian director as per act at least 20% of directors must be Canadian resident.
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    If you have an existing business or potential customers, then you can receive (or begin receiving) payments in your home country. Incorporation in Canada has nothing to do with financial transactions. Preferable yes, but not an absolute necessity.

    That is where the due diligence process kicks in. Our SUV application had several additional documentation requests, like the proof of business existence and structure, bank statements, tax returns, reference letters from clients etc.
  6. not only the due diligence ( which actually perform by incubator not officer) , but also now the officer may ask for a peer review which will be conducted by third parties to make sure the application are assessed with the community standards blah blah.

    Anyhow, its a time consuming and very frustrating process. I wish everyone to be succeed in this journey.
  7. In my last post, I referred to the due diligence by IRCC - they asked for all the extra paperwork/ADR during the application process.

    Agree - the SUV timeline and process isn't clear at all and very subjective.
  8. Exactly !!! My application has been processed 11 month ago .and i am outlander had existing business outside Canada with stable revenue and profit. .till now have no clue that 12 months frame will applied to me or not,still under background check .was that means I passed the due diligent check already?
  9. once the eligibility is passed, that mean they verified everything on your file. be patient , you'd receive the golden email soon or late
  10. Hello colleagues startupers :)

    I have a recruitment website in dubai, it generates around 500 000 CAD revenue per year.

    Worth to try or too small?
  11. that;s pretty good ! fear nothing my friend!
  12. Hi there. Never give up
    From my point of view you are managing a profitable business. Startup definition is something could compete globally.

    Again , never give up. Try your chance
  13. The background check is an advanced stage of the SUV application, so hang tight and you should get your COPR sooner than later. Good luck!
  14. Thank You !!! I had already decision made as well as PPR and submitted and now waiting for the COPR and visa being issued
  15. Great to hear that! You had been waiting for a long time! Welcome to Canada!

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