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Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mcrystald, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hi it’s not AOR it’s the date cic received your application by mail
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  2. Hi @Missnana i think our turn coming soon. :)
  3. Received our landing interview notice today. June 6th out of the Surrey office :)

    Timeline is in my signature.
  4. Did you j
    Did you get your medical now?
  5. Congratulations
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  6. Same here. That's so strange. I keep checking every day but it is still the same.
  7. I also feel that we both will have the PR cards soon hehe! Fingers crossed!
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  8. Not yet
  9. Wht is ur timeline?
  10. Congratulations ! did you receive your landing notice via email or on your GCkey account. I am May 14,2017 applicant located in Vancouver, and got DM on both side and SP on May.11, 2018, no AIP, Hope I will get Landing notice soon:).

  11. Hopefully by the end of this week fingers cross
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  12. I recieved an email from ottawa cic (after receiving AIP, SA and DM) which was titled 'call in notice'. They want us to bring; proof of PR payment, documents sent by cic and proof of cohabitation. Am i correct in assuming this is landing interview and not a relationship interview?
  13. Hi... i just got my call in notice. Did they request proof of cohabitation as one of the documents to bring? Its on my list and was wondering if i being everything i sent as proof in the application.
  14. Can someone please explain what AIP (approval in principle) is, exactly? If someone has AIP does that mean sponsor approval + applicant eligibility passed?
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  15. AIP means Applicant eligibility passed. You could confirm the sponsor’s approval as Decison Made on your Ecas.
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