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Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mcrystald, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hello All,

    I was thinking there should be a thread for the 2017 inland spousal sponsorship applicants.

    We are still working on our paperwork, only need the marriage certificate to come in.

    Wishing everyone the best of luck in their process!

    Best Regards :)
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  2. Seems like noone is applying inland in 2017 :D :D

    We almost have our paperwork together, the marriage certificate is on its way. It took a bit over a month to come. We sent it online on Dec 6, and it says it was processed on Jan 9. Now only waiting for it arrive in the mail.

    So we can officially start checking our documents and ensure everything is in order.

    Hoping for the best for everyone this year!
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  3. Hi all
    Looking for days now and scrolling through forums and cant quite find same case as mine so let me ask my self.

    I'm in Canada since 2013, came on a work permit, applied for PR in 2015 and got approved 3 months after.
    Now, just prior to departing to Canada originally in 2013 from my home country I met this wonderful girl and we were in a long distance relationship ever since. She comes here for a vacation every winter and i go home every summer.
    I do have all the plane tickets, billions of pics.... as relationship is genuine..

    During PR application I did not declare her as a partner as back then I wasn't even sure will we last as she wasn't determined to move here. She makes decent money back home and loves her life but since my plan is not to return back home any time soon she agreed to come over and leave everything she has. (Lucky guy a? :) )

    We got engaged in summer 2016 and getting married this summer.

    Now I pretty much have everything in order, wedding is going to be huge, relationship/marriage is genuine and after wedding I would bring her here (visa exempt country) and do an inland application.

    My only question for you experts is: will i have problems for not declaring her during PR application.

    We never lived together to claim her as common law, and don't quite understand "Conjugal partner" relationship.

    Thank you.
  4. If you now declared that you were living together for at least 1 year before 2013 or before you left then you might have some problems as it might be deemed as common law. However, even if you dated for more than a year before your pr application, and did not consider it as a serious relationship, then you might have to indicate that your relationship started after your pr or inbetween but were not living together.
  5. Well obviously we didn't live together as we started dating couple months prior to me leaving to Canada.
    She stayed in Europe but visited me every Cristmas for couple of weeks.
    I went home to see her as well every summer.
    I couldn't declare her as a common law partner due to not living together for a year.
    I just don't understand should I have declared her as a "conjugal partner" instead indicating myself as single during PR application...
    Can someone describe "Conjugal partner" meaning?
    Would she be my conjugal partner in my case?
  6. no, if you weren't living together at the time of becoming pr, then there is no issue. you were single when you landed. Conjugal doesn't apply to you because you didn't have any immigration barriers preventing you from seeing eachother. it's irrelevant to your previous application. you will be applying as a married couple, and barring any other red flags, you shouldn't see any issues about this.

    A congjual relationship in the eyes of immigration is a spousal-type of relationship that occurs when 2 people are living in different countries and have immigration barriers preventing them from being married or becoming commonlaw. typically this is related to same sex couples or when people can not get visas to visit eachother to get married/become commonlaw in a third country. since neither of you had issues visiting eachother, your relationship wouldn't be considered "conjugal" for immigration purposes.
  7. Thank you.

    That sounds much better.
    I could use more opinions or experiences from others so please feel free to share.
  8. Just wanted to wish all the 2017 inlanders good luck. If you have questions come to the 2016 thread and we will try to help you.
  9. Will this thread be updated for 2017 applicants? or should be use the 2016 thread?
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  10. Persons who submit applications in 2017 will use this thread but all are welcome in 2016 thread. It is still early in 2017, don't worry soon this thread will have lots of people. The 2016 thread started off like this. And now we have so many people.
  11. Hi There,

    I doubt you will have any issues because you did not declare her in your PR because i am sure you are NOT noting on your application that you lived together before you came to Canada.

    You were in a relationship ...essentially " dating" long distance over some time and maintained your relationship through frequent visits....pretty straight forward application it sounds like
  12. Following. We are getting married in April so will be submitting an application whenever the marriage certificate comes through
  13. Submit it the following working day online, I know a few people got it within a month, ours took 5 weeks. They say wait but just send it in online.
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  14. The answering machine is saying they are working on applications received before dec 7th 2016
  15. What do you mean? Do the online application before the marriage is registered?

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