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September 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iam_toby, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. It would mean a decision has made and you are waiting for further instructions.

    No. ECAS is just a tool that prevents you from calling CIC to request status updates. It is not meant to keep a real-time status of your application nor anything else. It is a courtesy tool.

    ECAS might not show Medical Received even if your medicals were received. ECAS can take long to update, or be updated very soon. The only information you can trust is the one you recieve in your email, so when you recieve the Passport Request then a decision has been made and it will be reflected on ECAS (or not).

    It is not taking long, it is under the 13 month expected time. The applications are on time and schedule.
  2. I knew the reason for delay on my application. I was supposed to submit my Singapore Police clearance which took almost 3 months to get it from Singapore. So I had submitted my Singapore PCC last month and started waiting for "Passport Request". Singapore police clearance can not be obtained until a formal request from CIC. So there is no way to submit along with my application last year. This is my sad story. May be not a Sad story but a delayed story.

    Yes. I did send them an email and below is the reply that I have got from them.


    Thank you for your email. No other documents are required from you at this time. Our office will contact you regarding next steps for your file in due time.

    Regards, Case Processing Centre- Ottawa | Centre de Traitement des Demande – Ottawa
  3. nice man..Hope you get very soon

    I never ever received any document request from CIC then also my application process is not moving. I did medical on 27th march and that it nothing after that..frustrating..
  4. Yeah. Nothing we can do.....Except Waiitng...Waiting and again Waiting.....I checked with my Doctor on my Medicals and she says my results were "A" grade :)
  5. Hi ALL,

    Sorry for the delayed update, landed on Rainbow Bridge and became a PR on 5th July. CoPR was received on 2nd July. Finally the whole process is over. All the best to the applicants who are still waiting.

    I am extremely grateful to Toby, iamroth and other senior members for the constant guidance and support.
  6. Some update on my end. Just got a letter from CIC asking for additional medical test for my wife. I had emailed them on Monday the 14th of July requesting to know if they got my medical results from my doctors. The letter I got was dated July 15th asking me to reach out to my panel doctor for additional test for my wife. Tried calling the doctor today and they closed. So will wait till Monday.
  7. On which date your Medicals were received by CIC
  8. Hi,

    no, not yet. I received my PR card in the meantime and the details on the card are fine, so I'm not worried
    about this process. I'll just wait and see what happens next :)

    - T.
  9. No, they usually don't ask for that.
  10. Hi,

    glad it's all over now :) and congrats! Welcome back to Canada as a permanent resident!
    All the best for the future.

  11. Hi Guys,
    I've done my medicals in June and my status changed to "medicals have been recieved". Few days later status changed to "decision made".
    I assume I am not waiting for passport request because my country has non visa aggreement with canada. Do you think its normal that decision has been made before I recieved Copr ? Or maybe its a rejection ?
  12. 99.99% is positive approval.....
  13. I'm hoping to find good news in my mail box in a couple weeks ;)
  14. All good, you'll receive the CPR in the mail shortly. :) Congrats!

  15. Hello Sep applicants,
    Any PPR or any updates for waiting applicants??Please share.

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