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September 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iam_toby, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. I'm starting this to get a group of people together who plan to apply or applied in September 2013.

    I'm mailing my application September 09, 2013. I'll have my 12 months experience end of August,
    so mailing in September will give me a one week buffer in case of any miscalculations.

    Add your case, plans, questions... whatever's on your mind right HERE. 8)
  2. And please don't give me a 'why do you start this now?' :p All September applicants
    are gonna spend like a year together, so there's no 'too soon' getting to know each other :D right? HAHA
  3. Hi Toby,

    Guess we would be sharing identical timelines. I am also planning to send my application once I receive my Celpip result by September 2nd week.

    Good luck to all of us.
  4. When do you have your test? I received my results after 7 days ( online ). Waiting for the hardcopy version right now.

    >> http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/celpip-my-experience-t155078.0.html

    You might find that helpful.
  5. Hi,

    My test date is August 24th and I should have the hard copy of the result by September 2nd week. Besides I complete a year on August 31st.

    Thank you for the link.
  6. Hi, there.
    I am planning to apply CEC on the end of SEP.
    My job experience is being filled July for a year. but I missed English Test.
    I am going to have a test CELPIP on 21th SEP.

    Before I get the CELPIP result, I will prepare all other documents.

    Good luck! All of US :)
  7. Sweet we do share the same timeline then. I complete my year end of August, too. Givin it a one week buffer, that's why apply in September. I got my whole application ready, waiting to be mailed. What NOC are you applying under?
  8. Well... welcome my friend :) Guess we'll spend quite some time here together waiting for them
    to assess our applications.
    For now it looks like we might get AOR about ~50 days after submitting the application.
    CELIPIP's pretty straight forward.

    >> http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/celpip-my-experience-t155078.0.html

    Might find that interesting :)
  9. Hi,

    I am applying under NOC 6216 (guess in the new NOC matrix it has changed to 6313) and have just started the ground work for my CEC application.

    What is your NOC?
  10. My NOC on my profile on the left. NOC 2281. Wish they'd process applications fast than 10-12 months.
    Seems like a long time to wait to me. :)) :p
  11. I got my language results in the mail today, so my application is complete. It's all in an envelope
    waiting to be mailed in September.
    Feels weird, getting it all done. Got nothing to do now, nothing to research, nothing
    to apply for... all I can do is wait until September, then for the AOR ... ::)
  12. my NOC code is 6242 (cook)
    I live in Waterloo near Toronto.
  13. .. Vancouver, the other end of Canada :)
  14. Wow, the end to the end.

    congratulation, your language score. That is really awesome :)

    I also need 3L score each.

    You have really good English. I am a poor English user from S.Korea.

  15. You'll be fine. Try the free sample questions on the CELPIP website. It's super easy and for
    what you've been posting here, your written english is good.

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