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September 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iam_toby, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. I am not sure about the rules exactly but "Having enough funds" rule is only applicable for Work permits, TRVs and dependant's permits as far as I know. This might not be applicable for PR. Once you become PR, you have the right to come and leave the country N number of times during your PR validity. So it doesn't make sense to expect a job or funds every time you travel to Canada. This is my opinion. But the best thing is to check with CIC call center agents just to have peace of mind.
  2. It is required when submitting an application. When the document has been already granted then no, they don't request anything.... unless you are trying to abuse the system (for example entering the country too many times in a short period of time on TRV).

    I still don't get why would you think they would ask for funds.... funds for what?

    Anyway, no they won't. There is not a single reason to ask a PR for anything.

  3. I don't have a PR yet.But I am expecting COPR soon. Based on COPR, I will be doing my first landing.
    I am just preparing myself if the immigration officer ask me to show proof of funds to survive in Canada as I dont have an arranged offer.
    FSW applicants are asked to show proof of fund or arranged offer letter, not sure about CEC applicant.
  4. CoPR is treated for this purpose like PR. It has been granted, you just have to finish the procedure.

    Ah ok, I was in the understanding that you applied in Canada and somehow you are coming back just to land and continue your life. Isn't this the case? CEC usually is that way as you have to prove Canadian experience.

    You won't be asked for proof of funds, but well you will recieve a letter with your CoPR where the requisites for landing are detailed (passport and CoPR mainly). So take a look into it.

    BTW FSW and PR are completely different and not comparable.
  5. Hello September applicant , I just received my PR card, print 10 of July , landed may 22. Good luck to rest September application who's still waiting. God bless us.

  6. I received an email regarding my application from Cic and now they ask me to provide evidence about my common-law partner so they can see if our relationship is genuine. Is someone else is in the same boat ? Can someone from the seniors can tell me where I suppose to send the evidence? Because they didn't provide me any mail address . I have a lots of evidence and I can't send it through email .
  7. When would be the status of ECAS shows as "Decision Made"? Is it after the passport request or before the passport request?

  8. I am an applicant for CEC class and I stay in Canada but my spouse is in India. How can we both do our upfront medicals as I have a UCI number and AOR letter too with only my name on it.
    Can my spouse use the same number and get his medicals done? Kindly reply.. Smiley

    Also I got rprf request and I paid the fee but still no MR request from them.. Smiley
    My application shows IN PROGRESS from July 8th and rprf was requested on 15 July

    Any replies will be of grt help Thank you.. :)
  9. Can you check with Panel Physician if they see IMEI number for your application in their system or not?

    Actually similar kinda of thing happened with me ,I got RPRF on 07-May but no MR so I went for medicals on 10-July and
    Clinic people told me they see my IMEI number in the system.

    Nowadays ,CIC is screwing MR mails ....
  10. And for my husband how to find IMEI number for him..?
  11. Hmm thats tricky ,actually what clinic people did they took my passport ,entered details in the system and found my IMEI number in the system,so
    if your husband's MR has been generated then he can check with Panel Physician ...

    But i am not sure about this as I have read in this forum that for couples ,husband got MR and wife waiting .....but no harm in going to panel physician and asking them to check if they see .. IMEI for ur application... or not.
  12. That would be assuming the decision that was made requires you to send your passport....

    At the same time.
  13. Would that mean a "Decision made" without "Passport request" is considered a "Rejection"?

    Btw, My ECAS status has not changed or anything. It is still Medicals received. I was trying to understand this because I thought I can check my ECAS status to see "Decision Made" and then ready to send the passport.
  14. Hi Kanisha
    I have a same situation like you..Did you inquire any thing with CIC? why our application taking too long?I just sent them an E-mail..
  15. anyone know the mail address to send my additional documents?

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