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September 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iam_toby, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. got a passport request yesterday! although, I've read on the forum that usually there is a form that we
    are supposed to fill out, a biodata form. there is no mention of biodata in the passport request i received. is this typical?
    should i wait for them to request the biodata? thanks!
  2. Yes this is normal. If they did not ask for anything, you do not need to include it. These days that biodata form is filled during Medical examination.
  3. If he/she applies for visitor visa, he/she has to fulfill all requirement of a visitor. Just because he/she added to a immigration file, does not mean, a visa will be awarded.
  4. Guys who are waiting for Passport back from Ottawa: Wait for at least 10 days before panicking.
    I see some of you just send out passport 3 days ago, and already panicking why Ottawa did not reply or send out passport.
    Ottawa will not "reply" or anything. They will stamp your passport within 10 days or so and you will get it in few days.
  5. Medical results have been received by CIC according to ECAS. Do I need to send tracking sheet to CIC as well ?
  6. No you dont need to.
  7. hi guys, this may not be the appropriate forum to ask this question as I am not a CEC applicant, and I reside in USA, but I will ask it anyway...

    if we are required to send the "actual" passport to Canada from USA via post for the visa, is there an option to approach a Canadian embassy in the USA and get the visa in person instead?.....as the passport has valid US work visas, there is this skepticism to send it by post to Canada...let me know what you guys think...
  8. Hello guys,

    i want to ask when Ecas say complete, I did landing on 23 may, but in my ecas still say decision made. is gonna take a few days to chance?
    thank you

  9. Dont worry buddy ...it takes few day..mine took 3 days...hopefully it should be updated by Monday.
  10. Hello, this thread may give you some info.
  11. Status change to complete
  12. this is really helpful, thanks a lot nov1061
  13. Status chance to complete today.. thank Allah,
    To everyone who's got PR Congrat nd received MD or PPR good luck nd who's still waiting your turn will coming soon. Keep pray nd patient.

    Thank again everyone.

    God bless all.

  14. Great Alhamdulillah you made it.. Can I ask your country of origin if you don't mind please
  15. By all means this was a very very silent week. I hope the coming one will be better one and will bring good news for those who are waiting for long.

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