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Separated from wife but no divorce. CIC asked for divorce certificate. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by jonnclk22, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Hi.. so did u get a PPR yet? I have a friend who needs assistance in this case, he needs to understand that if there any imoact on PR application on being divorcee status? He got divorced like 2years back, so he just needs to submit divorce papers.. right?
  2. Hello, not yet. Actually, I applied for Study Visa 1 year after divorce and PGWP after I graduated. All my documents have a "divorced" status.
    I am not sure how does divorce papers look in other countries. Your friend needs to proof that his divorce was completed. I submitted my divorce certificate (original and certified translation), so see what happens-)
  3. Yes, you need to submit a divorce certificate so that the CIC officer can finalize your file. My friend was asked of this and she was separate from her husband but not divorced, so she had to go get a divorce first before she was granted PR (I think her husband was not PR, which is why divorce was necessary to complete her file; otherwise, she would have to wait for husband's file to reach the same stage as her given that they were technically one family unit.). So if you have the papers, just submit it and it won't have a negative impact on your file, unless your case has some peculiarity.
  4. Guys,

    I have already written on this thread that I have been going through a Divorce in India and sadly it is not moving as swiftly as I would like. I was very much scared if this will affect my PR application.

    But guess what.. I have got my PPR. Hence, having your divorce underway and NOT having a Divorce decree while applying for PR, does not affect your application.

    Along with my eAPR, I did sumit Seperation Affidavit stating that I am unable to submit my Ex's Medical and PCC and that I never intend to reconcile with her, nor willing to take her to Canada. I did not wait for CIC to come back to me with questions.

    Luckily, they did not ask anything more on my marital status issue.

    I wish you all the best.

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  5. Is it a red flag to cic if there had been a previous marriage, separated and in less than 1 year entered into conjugal relationship?
  6. You mean relationship with someone else?
  7. Hi,
    Congrats on getting your PPR. I had few questions about your submission.
    1. What marital status did you choose while filling the form?
    2. Did you submit any paperwork to show that Divorce was initiated or in the process?
    3. Did you only submit a Affidavit of separation like shown on this thread by jonnclk22 on Page 1?

    Thank you for sharing your experience and helping out others in a similar situation. :)

  8. 1. What marital status did you choose while filling the form? - I applied as Legally Separated.
    2. Did you submit any paperwork to show that Divorce was initiated or in the process? - Yes. We need to submit a copy of our Court case filing.
    3. Did you only submit a Affidavit of separation like shown on this thread by jonnclk22 on Page 1? - I did submit a Separation Affidavit. If your question is about the template, then I did not use the one suggested by John. I used a pretty simple one which I myself wrote and got it notarized.
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  9. Hello Team, I got my notes however I was a bit concerned. As I have got review required on stat question and pcc( visa refusal partner Australia + pcc for Mauritius) stat question was marked as yes and pcc supplied. Ip1 stage.
    My question is on the notes under composition it is stated : marriage certificate is on file, spouse is accompanying pa-indication of previous relationship document not on file.
    This is what is written under composition tab, however doesn't mention anywhere review required. It's onky for stat question and pcc. So now that I have crossed five months mark. Do I upload the divorce certificates with loe or not required unless they ask? Because from noted I wasn't sure if they are asking or it's onky for review require we are supposed to provide notes. And by providing this divorce certificate wud it complicate things now since its over five months.. And adr was not requested so far. My visa office is Sydney Australia confirmed.

  10. My husband wants to migrate to Canada. But we have just filed the petition in the court. We can obtain decree in the month of may end. So my husband is asking me to undergo medical and police verification for the visa process. I am worried if I undergo Everything and he goes back to Canada my life will be in trouble till he comes back. So what can i do kindly help me out
  11. Your husband can provide evidence that the petition has been filed in court and request that you be removed from the application. Then you won't have to undergo the medical or police verification.
  12. But can he still go to Canada without a divorce agreement
  13. Yes.
  14. So what is the procedure that I should follow to see he doesn't go out of India before we getting divorce decree.
  15. You would have to speak with your lawyer in India about this.

    This has nothing to do with Canada or Canadian immigration.
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