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Separated from wife but no divorce. CIC asked for divorce certificate. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by jonnclk22, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Congratulations mate!
  2. Yes I did the explain the same. Let’s see if they are satisfied with the details.
  3. Congrats mate but I read that u got ur divorce decree while pr was in process which I think made ur application to get it faster. Any idea if anyone got ppr with an affidavit and LoE only?
  4. I have submitted Court acknowledgement and Affidavit. My score is 445. I have filed my divorce case in Indian court and it’s still pending.
    Just wanted to know how much time will cic usually takes for such situations?

    Have you got ur ppr after submitting the docs? Please suggest.
  5. I have not gone that far. As you can see in my signature, I just have received the ITA. Because of this issue, I hired an Immigration consultant. Not even an Indian firm, but a Canadian firm. Yes.. I have to pay a boat load of money.. But I do not want to take any chance. :(

    So far, they tell me that my Court acknowledgement and Affidavit is sufficient. I really hope CIC will not ask for anything more.
  6. don't waste any more money on "consultants". Most of them know nothing more than what you can yourself find on the web. Beyond an affidavit and court acknowledgement, there's nothing you can provide anyway until your divorce is finalized.
  7. No one knows how long CIC will take for any particular case. Anyone who tells your otherwise is making shit up.
  8. So just with an affidavit and court acknowledgement submission does anyone got the ppr?
  9. Thanks, I am hoping for the best
  10. The question isn't if anyone else received a PPR with those two documents or not, the question is - is there anything else you can possibly submit with the help of an expensive consultant? I'd say no. Just submit those two and wait for instructions from the CIC. Anything else is likely money and effort wasted.
  11. Did you end up getting a PPR?
  12. Hi, i am also separated and living in another country with 2 kids. My husband is not cooperating and i am afraid i will miss my deadline for submitting my pr application without his health and police report.. What do i do?
  13. Please what is the meaning of this CSE? I have the same case, I need help please.
  14. Hi,

    My wife is legally separated from her spouse but she only has the court order and not the divorce certificate. I am asked to upload her divorce certificate in my application. Is it ok to upload just the court order??
  15. Did any body get his PR approved using that affidavit, or the CIC will wait till Divorce is finalized?

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