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Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by RAMBO1503, May 22, 2017.

  1. Similar thing happened to me .
    Exam date 11 November
    Results 24 November
    Docs submitted at Jalandhar branch 30 November
    Got acknowledgement email
    I called repeatedly and i insisted them to tell the status of my EOR. They told me that they have received documents on 6 dec (at delhi) and have forwarded to Australia on 20 December.
    My score. L8.5 R7.5 W6.5 S7.5
    Fingers crossed
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  2. Sandy, When you got email regarding your refund?
  3. Hey did you applied through bc or Idp?
  4. Idp
  5. I have not got any email or refund as yet. Received new TRF directly yesterday. I hope they process refund soon. Best of luck for your EOR, you should receive your result soon.
  6. I Agree. its a waste of time energy and money too. But if you are confident you did well in writing then go for revaluation it will increase im sure.
  7. hi just wanted to know if anyone received a sms when documents were received at delhi office . I send my documents directly to delhi instead of sending it to the test centre. I got an sms we have received your documents will update you further in 3 working days. Is the revaluation checking first done locally then sent abroad?
  8. Hi Lincy, I had submitted the docs directly to the Gurgaon office. I received a message after they received the documents and 3 days later got another message stating that the processing might take up to 10 weeks. As per my understanding the revaluation is done directly by some senior person in the UK.
    BTW, what were your scores and BC/IDP?
  9. Thanks.
    My scores
    Overall-7.5 lost 0.5 in writing. Given for both speaking and writing.
    Exam partner - BC trichy
    I did ask the customer care people how the marking is done they did not disclose any information about it.

    Some say BC takes longer than IDP .hoping for a positive result

    When did you submit yours ? What were your scores?
  10. Exactly mine ! Details regarding submission is in previous threads. Mine was idp
  11. Thank you so much for your detailed response. I appeared through BC hope it turns out positive as I need 0.5 increment in 2 sections.
  12. Yeah that’s true. BC takes long time than IDP. But I have heard more success stories from BC people.

    All the best!
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  13. @lincy when did you submit your documents? I had completed the process 5 weeks back and received msg of process initialisation (i.e. 7thcDec 2017). I guess BC candidates have to submit their docs to Gurgaon,Delhi only instead respective exam centre. Did you make any follow up calls or emails? If yes then how was your experience?
  14. My wait period starts today as said by the bc customer care. My documents were delivered just yesterday and I received a sms stating the delivery of documents . And they would update me after 3 working days. I could only let you know my experience after some weeks
  15. My scores were L/R/W/S 8.5/8.0/6.5/7.5. Missed by 0.5 in writing. Hoping to get those 0.5 points through revaluation. My revaluation process started on 10th Jan.

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