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Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rainbowbee, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. I called Lufthansa and AirCanada today! None of their agents could figure it out. Now I am getting worried. Please if anyone used those airlines, let me know.
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    And which country in Europe can we go without visa in our RTD??

  3. No, here in Canada.
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    After I received a positive decision on my refugee claim, soon I applied for RTD and was able to get it. It says that the RTD validity period is determined by the issuing office. In my case it was issued for 2 years. I personally know at least four other cases, where people applied for RTD before becoming PRs and received it also for 2 years. So I guess it’s safe to assume that majority of people, before PR will get it for 2 years.
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  5. Indeed.. it seems like RTD is issued for 2 years before PR and 5 years after PR.
  6. how long did it take for your RTD to be processed and recieved? And thanks

  7. Three weeks.
  8. Please don’t purchase tickets before securing your RTD or give significant padding time because sometimes there are delays.
  9. You don't need a visa to travel to Germany, Air Canada and Lufthansa's employees at the airport know that, because they check IATA which says that RTD holders issued by Canada are exempted from obtaining a visa.
  10. In my case it was 4 weeks.. Never buy a flight ticket nor make plans before having all the documentation needed (VISAS, Passports, etc..)
  11. Hopefully, this is not a late reply but I have travelled to China with AirCanada before with RTD both with and without a PR. Didn't have any issue both times.
  12. thank you for the confirmation.
  13. Amazing! Thank you for the confirmation.
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    I got PR and RTD. I am Planning to apply for US Visa. I am from Maldives. I need help with few questions.
    1- I do not have any relative or any person I know in US. As a contact person also I do not have any address to provide. what should I write there.?
    2- Type of Travel Document (I marked as Regular) is that fine?
    3- Any useful tips?

    Thank You in advance
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  15. Hi everyone,
    in June this year, I travelled to Europe: Germany, Austria, Portugal with no visa.
    A few days ago I travel to Greece. I check-in in Calgary. As I have RTD ground staff have to check everything manually. They told me everything is Ok, Greece is a part of Shengen zone so I don't need a visa. But, Greek Border Police didn't allow me to enter into the country. They send me to detention, and deported back to Canada a day after.
    Did you have the same or similar experiences and what you recommend to me to do?

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