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Re-entering Canada without PR Card, only CoPR and passport - by plane

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by donnanne, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Are you sure? I am in the same situation, currently staying in Toronto, however, I want to visit NYC for a week. I just landed so my PR card is not yet ready. I was thinking of using a car rental to go back or I am not sure if I can go with Greyhound bus.
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  3. You won't be able to board a flight originating outside Canada and flying into Canada without a PR card or a PRTD.
  4. They asked "Do you have an ETA? Have you printed it out?" I showed them the ETA email on my phone. I guess they were idiots. But idiots are everywhere.
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    They asked "Do you have an ETA? Have you printed it out?" I showed them the ETA email on my phone. I guess they were idiots. But idiots are everywhere.

    WOW Air has never swiped my passport. I used a machine at the airport to print the boarding passes. At the gate, WOW only scanned my boarding pass.
  6. If this is the case, then I had two ETAs when they issued me the COPR: one from my previous application in July 2017 (for which I paid 7 CAD), another automatically generated with the COPR in Oct 2017. The one they cancelled later was the one from July 2017.

    This would explain everything. But on the other hand, the system would seem rather stupid to allow one person to have two ETAs.
  7. Air Canada at AMS hires a private security firm to carry out checks at check-in, and at the gate. In this check, the security person checks all passports, PR Cards, Visas, or asks visa-exempt passengers if they have an eTA. Once checked and verified, the security person applies a sticker on the back of the passport. At the gate, the security person checks for this sticker and waves you through to board, or if you don't have the sticker you are checked again and your passport is scanned by the gate agents. You couldn't get on the plane without being checked at least once for the proper documents/authorization.
  8. Possibly, I have no idea if one could have 2 eTAs somehow linked to their passport. I doubt it, but you never know.

    When my wife tries using the automated kiosks or online checkin from home to enter passport info and print boarding pass, it always denies her and instructs her to go in person to the counter. This is so the check-in agent can physically verify her PR card before issuing the boarding pass. No idea why some airlines seem to allow you to skip this step, perhaps they are just behind on their processes, or as you said perhaps they were reading another active eTA so thought you were a foreign national.
  9. I'm in a very similar situation as the original poster, except that I am a U.S. citizen. How likely is it that I would be able to board the plane, and what's likely to happen (as well as the worst case) if I arrive with just a CoPR at airport customs in Canada? Are there any negative implications for my immigration status/record if I do this? I've already traveled to the US, and am trying to decide within the next day or two if I should change my travel plans to drive across the Canada-U.S. border on my return.
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  10. As an American, you can board a plane to Canada on the strength of just your passport. Don't mention your PR status to the airline. When you enter Canada, you then present yourself to CBSA as a PR.
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  11. Check out my recent post here:
  12. Thank you! I've had a hard time finding recent examples of people who actually did this successfully.
  13. Just want to clarify that when she arrived at Pearson Airport, she used a NEXUS kiosk to bypass standard immigration/customs (we are NEXUS members). So I can't comment what the standard immigration/customs experience is like without your PR card. But I have heard that it is not an issue since they can look up your status. But what we can confirm is that she has been able to board her flights back to Canada with just her US passport.
  14. US citizens do not need an eTA and can travel to Canada solely on the merits of their passport. Therefore, for US citizens it should be relatively easy to travel without the PR Card.

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