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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. You need to call between 8 and 8.30 in the morning, I already called 3 times, at 9 it's too late. When you are calling from outside you need to contact your local VO. If you call from internet number you may get through. By the way, they can give you only basic information which is also available online, not much of a help.
  2. Hi Pritesh,
    Congratulations. When did you gave you biometrics in these timelines. I have same dates except waiting for Decision Made
    Aman Bhardwaj
  3. Thanks buddy
    I applied in December 19 so biometric rule was from jan19
  4. Thanks for info shannon.

    I got ready to visa mail, but my online account status is still not updated, it showing still in process, shall I send my passport for stamp
  5. Hello guys, I thank Almighty God !!!!! today I got final decision made : my timeline is as follows
    1.28 May 2018 ,AOR
    2.08 September 2019 , medical request
    3.28 October 2019, decision made.
    VO Dar ar Salaam
    my actual resident country :Rwanda

    thanks , I wish u all the best
  6. Hi,

    I did not receive any interest of people for maintaining the spreadsheet. I will no longer maintain the spreadsheet. All the automations and protections have been removed.

    If there is anyone who cares about the quality of this information, you need to step up now and send me an email. I will transfer ownership to you. Otherwise, watch the spreadsheet get destroyed by careless people.

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Hi !

    Is it difficult to maintain the spreadsheet? I know the basics of Excel but I am not a pro!
  8. Common problems are, and what needs to be taken care of:

    People frequently delete stuff of other people
    People provide information in the wrong format
    They resort the spreadsheet, which is visible to everyone.
    They enter new columns, resize columns or reformat columns
    People use all kinds of formatting of text
    People enter lines of text to "send a message"
    People use the FAQ to discuss.

    etc etc

    You need to find ways to protect the sheet and persuade people from doing the above.

    Send me an email if you are still interested. Do you have gmail?
  9. Finally received PPR few mins back.
  10. Congratss Buddy!!!! Best of Luck......
  11. Hurrayyy... Congrtas..Best of Luck...
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  12. Thanks!!!
  13. Congrats buddy :)
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  14. Csq Received : June 2018
    Applied : July 2018
    File returned due to incomplete form : Oct 2018
    Reapplied : Nov 2018
    File Processing started: Feb 2019

    Now the status is in Process and Medical received.

    I did the medicals upfront because, I almost gave up on my CSQ , when i did not come for 2 years, I applied in express entry and while I was preparing for the move and submitting the documents to the express enrty. The CSQ came in and then I decided to stay in Montreal. Thats why I had the medicals done already.

    Does it make any difference if you do the medicals upfront, I wrote a letter along with my file, that why I have the medicals upfront... and no response since then, can anyone please help, what would have happened with my file or medicals ?
  15. Congratulations Dear...
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