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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. I’ll let you know when I get mine. It is usually as per medical expiry date.
  2. Hi Nits
    My Timeline:
    Application received : 26 Feb 2018
    AOR: 27 March 2018
    ROPRF Paid : 28 March 2019
    Started Processing: 29 March 2019
    Medical request: 25 September 2019
    Medicals done: 01 October 2019
    Medical received: 03 October 2019
    Medical passed: 03 October 2019
    DM: 19 October 2019
    PPR: 22 October 2019
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  3. My friends,
    I did biometric info when I applied a visit visa on my new passport, then I got my fn number and aor, do I need to redo a biometric again on the federal stage?
  4. Congrats! Did you get CV request?
  5. No, you don't, Biometric is valid for 10 years.
  6. I am confused by two different statuses at two different places. Which one is correct ? Below are the screenshots of it. Can anyone tell me if my application is "Submitted" or "Started Processing" and on which date ? o_O

    From cic.gc.ca

    From ecas
  7. Your application is in processing since April 8th 2019.
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  8. Hi,

    No, upon submitting my application, I provided everything as a complete application :) only Roprf was paid one day before they asked for it.
  9. Hi,

    From what I know the process start at the reception.
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  10. Number 3. indicates that processing started on April 8. I don't know what exactly are they doing, that could mean that your file is waiting on someones desk too.
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  11. Not always.
  12. Got it, thanks a lot :)
  13. Is there anyone who reached to IRCC call center via Skype/Phone recently?

    IRCC Outside Call Center
    +1 613 944 4000

    Is this number still reachable via Skype/Phone call from outside of Canada?
  14. And people will try to help you and you are rude, you’ll think that you are the most intelligent. You are even outdated on how to call CIC lol
  15. Hi,
    Please let us know how to call CIC, I have tried many times but it’s getting disconnected, thank you..

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