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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Note that applications for the addition of a spouse or a de facto spouse and applications for the addition of a child submitted by skilled workers who have already been selected are not targeted by this provision.
  2. Hi, dearmilkyway

    You have really done some exhaustive research and given us all some amazing information. Thank you so much!
  3. Dears,

    I wanted to be completely sure about the bill, which is proposed to terminate all QSW applications at MIDI, whether it will effect the applications on the federal stage or not. I tried to find the bill itself in French.

    Here is the bill no:9 in French, you may download it in .pdf format. Government page itself.

    Referenced in MIDI official website also.

    I translated all of the 21 items proposed within this bill from French to English and this is what I found;

    20. Il est mis fin à toute demande présentée au ministre dans le cadre du Programme régulier des travailleurs qualifiés avant le 2 août 2018 si, le (indiquer ici la date de la présentation du présent projet de loi), il n’a pas pris de décision de sélection, de refus ou de rejet concernant cette demande. Les droits exigibles payés par le demandeur ayant présenté une telle demande lui sont remboursés, sans intérêts. Aucuns dommages-intérêts ni aucune indemnité en lien avec une telle demande ne peuvent être réclamés au gouvernement, au ministre ou à l’un de leurs préposés ou mandataires. Le premier alinéa ne s’applique pas à une demande qui vise, par rapport à une demande précédente qui a déjà fait l’objet d’une décision de sélection, à ajouter un membre de la famille du ressortissant étranger.

    Item 20 has the key importance for QSW applicants, here is its English translation;

    Any application to the Minister under the Regular Skilled Worker Program is terminated before August 2, 2018 if, on (insert the date of introduction of this Bill), he has not taken any decision of selection, refusal or rejection concerning this application. The fees payable by the applicant having submitted such a request are reimbursed to him, without interest. No damages or compensation in connection with such an application may be claimed from the Government, the Minister or any of their servants or agents. The first paragraph does not apply to an application that, in relation to a previous application that has already been the subject of a selection decision, adds a member of the family of the foreign national.

    I hope this helps.
  4. This is achievable. I had earlier proposed that we organize ourselves into a group and explore means of reaching out to the authorities to make complaints regarding the very slow process involved in QSW at the Federal Immigrations stage.

    The petition or report will seek to draw their attention to the long delays esp vis-à-vis the other fast-tracked canadian immigration programs (i do not think there is anyother Canadian immigration application program that takes 19 months at the Federal stage,after waiting for 3 or 4 years for CSQ, although i can understand QSW paper-based and not automated like the EE but who says it cannot be automated or some other quick improvements introduced at the Federal stage for QSW), highlight the drawbacks of the present long-drawn process and its effect on applicants and on the broad immigration strategy of the federal government of Canada, as well as, make some proposals that we think can help them reduce the delay and improve turnaround period from 19 months to something far less.

    Personally, i have been on this journey since 2013 (6 years now) !
  5. My timeline
    Applied in December 2017
    AOR in February 2018
    Medical received in May 2018
    Waiting for PPR
    Anyone with same timeline
  6. Thank you for this important information. I was just wandering if all the applicants prior to aug 18 received the notification on mon projet earlier yesterday? And did everyone's status of application was changed on the portal as well? What does it mean for those who did not get either of those?
  7. Yea. Applied December 2017. AOR Feb 2018. MR July 2018. Medical Completed August/Sept 2018
  8. I like the initiative and will be sure to take part and petition for this.

    But just my 2 cents,

    Understand that Iranian applicants who are delayed for security concerns is running campaigns in twitter and facebook like #delayedapplicants. Till now, no one has responded from the government or the media for their cause. Writing a petition will not have any intended effect from authorities.

    My proposal

    Nowadays, public shaming is the way to go. Like posting on CIC page massively, writing to reporters, media, news outlets to take up our stories, tweeting, hashtags. In a nutshell, we have to make the whole world know what Canada is doing to a category of applicants like us, while they make headlines that Canada accepting 1 million immigrants etc. Its not fair that legal law abiding applicants like us are being delayed while all the resources are being spent on applications in Express Entry.

    So I don't think writing a petition in change.org or sending a letter will do any good. Publicly shame CIC and let the rest of the world know about it. Then only governments will take action to defend their reputation. Now that the elections are coming, its the right time to hit hard where it matters.
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  9. Dea Cherti ,

    I'm totally agree with you it's the right time to show them some hashtags on Ahmed Hussein's & Justin trudeau's twitter accounts that might affect our case properly. any idea about suggested hashtag ?
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  10. Totally agreed.. We are with you.. What to do next cherti.. We must do something to smash them not to do this again.. Even they won't treat like this to the refugees... This is a whole demons thing that violating international human rights...
  11. I suggest #FIXQSWP ( meaning fix Quebec skilled worker program) also add #ImmigrationMatters , because CIC themselves uses #immigrationmatters so we can use their own hashtag against them for this. In FB & twitter page I see many are campaigning for #FIXPGP ( the recent parental sponsorship issue).

    Honestly, I do not think writing a petition in change.org will have any effect. Thats old school. Public shaming on social media is the new petition :)
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  13. I think it’s very good idea but if we fight from all corner will help the cause like email PM and immigration minister - news peppers - TV news in bulk numbers every week in US and Canada also use Twitter as you said will make some noise and if we are lucky if story picks up in news it’s good for us also election is nearing in Canada

  14. Yes let's start this.. It's the best idea right now..

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