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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. After receiving AoR in Feb-2018, after how long did your application processing started - in ECAS?

  2. I have a similar timeline as yours:
    APP: December 2017
    AOR: Feb 2018
    MR: April 2018
    Everything has been passed including eligibility, criminality, .....
    Security not started.
  3. Hi am jim from India,
    I gave my medicals on june 25 2018, recived pre arrival mail on june. ... my application is still in process .. how long does it takes for DM .. What does pre arrival mail indicate?
  4. When u applied for federal. Which one ur CO?
  5. Application recrived - oct 16 2017
    AOR-jan 2018
    Started processing-june 13
    Correspondence sent to request documents-may 10
    MR june - 19
    With pre arrival mail
    Medical submitted june 25
    Presently in process- medical results hav been received
    Waiting for DM
    Sydney CIO
  6. I am too same timeline... and Waiting for PPR
  7. Me too(((
  8. Me too waiting.. did any one get pre arrival mail?
  9. I anticipate too early for such letters, the review time has increased, now is 19 months
  10. I ve got the pre arrival along with medical instructions ...
  11. Did you recieve message on ECAS "Decision made"?
  12. Nope not yet.. its been 7 months after medicals .. no news till date
  13. your expectations?
  14. Medicals will expire by june .. probably before medicals expiry
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