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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Documents sent in November 2017
    AOR February 2018
    MR and RPRF January 2019

    I requested GCMS notes last months, so I hope I'll receive them in the end of February.

    I called my lawyer today and he was kind to explain me that the changes concern only CSQ applicants and not people in federal stage.
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  2. So I have sent PPR this monday feb 4th and I received my COPR friday feb 8th. It came out in 4 days. Next week Tuesday, I am going to Lacolle border to finalize my application. 17minth and 13 days has finished.
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  3. IN MY OPINION No effect on people with CSQ
  4. If u have your csq you won't be effected as
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  5. Anyone here send the federal file in Dec 2018? When I'm supposed to have the AOR? does it take 90-120 days??
  6. I'm applying from Bahrain, Middle East. Does the federal stage takes from 15 to 17 months? I applied my file to federal back in Dec 2018. I'm waiting for my
  7. On an average maximum of 90 days apprx
  8. No my dear it takes 19 months and may be longer if you don't participate in the above request.
  9. Hi, my file was received on 20th Nov, 2018 got AOR 8th-Feb 2019. I guess you shouldn't be long now
  10. Dear Friends,

    Send a personal message (PM) to me if you want to attend our CSQ holders group.
    Our main target is to make ourselves heard by the CIC and the Canadian government to decrease federal processing times.
  11. Hi Everyone

    Can anyone let me know if my GCMS note says Security check due date is 15/08/2019 so is there any chance they can do security check early then this ?

    All other checks are Passed like..
    Criminality Passed
    Eligibility Passed
    Medicals Passed

    Security not started ?
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    EVA RAO, can you please share your timeline, when you sent documents for Federal stage, inland or outland applicant?
  13. Not really , I applied in 07 Aug 2018 , got my AOR on Jan 20,2019.
  14. In my case as per my last GCMS notes security and eligibility was already passed before medical and criminality.
    I guess it is different for all candidates. The answer to your question is that it is not necessary that they complete it before due date. It depends on external agency report that the VO depends on then their review will delay further.

    In my case all recommendations are passed and currently waiting for final review by Visa officer for the last 3 months.
  15. One quick question, can you please help me with the time it takes to start processing your application, after you receive your UCI?


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