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Quebec investors after getting CSQ to get visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Leo12, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. I, too, have a similar problem. VO received my file in 2011. They recently asked for updated documents. But still no medical request. Two years more than normal processing time.
  2. Dear XpressEnterprise,

    Do you have the data on the Abu Dhabi VO for Quebec Investors? I recall seeing an excel you posted that showed the figures for QIIP in ADVO for 2014 or 2015 I think. It showed acceptance/rejections as well as processing times and number of visas granted. Do you have an updated one?

  3. Have you also sent police certificate, CV and RPRF for yourself and all your familly? When was your last communication with VO?
  4. My last communication was a couple of months ago. They asked for updated documents and police certificates. Waiting for medical and RPRF. Are you dealing with Abu Dhabi as well?
  5. No, my VO is in Paris and already paid RPRF and I think the only remaining is medical. :-[. I will be sending Paris VO an email requesting the progress of my case.
  6. I also sent an email to Abu Dhabi asking for updates. But the usual response is that the application is being processed. I would've hoped to get a better explanation or update given that my file is two years beyond the 41 months.
  7. Dear Nader123*

    Have you heard back from them?
  8. Hi,
    they gave me an answer just like yours. Saying "

    Please be advised that the application is being proccessed.

    We regret that at this time we are not able to provide you with an estimate of when this application will be finalized.

    We appreciate your patience and will contact you as soon as this application is complete. Until we contact you, the only information you are required to provide us in order to update your application is:
  9. That is very frustrating. I hope we get some positive news soon.
  10. I think the process is not fair. The investor makes a huge investment to receives a CSQ, then he/she has to wait for years without knowing how long does it take.

    That's one of the reasons lead me to my decision of not pursuing this option.

    In my opinion, everything else must be checked and ready before the investor transfers the fund. Right after the transaction is made, then visas must be issued.
  11. I agree, this is a very long and frustrating process. After paying a lot of money, we still don't have any clarity.
  12. Have you heard anything?
  13. No, not yet. if I had any idea at the beginning that the process will take that much time I would never invest.

    I am advising all who are planing to invest not to do it. It is not a fair way what the government of Canada is doing. Over the past 5-6 years I was not able to plan my life as I should have, since I was under impression that I am moving to Canada.

    This is very much frustrating not knowing when and what is waiting for you.

    How about you? have you heard anything?
  14. Hi guys, am new here. Started my process of qiip in nov 2016 . Hopes are to start life afresh in Quebec . Still waiting for interview . Wishing it happens soon as already 8 months have passed . Any suggestions/ inputs would be highly appreciated. God bless us all
  15. I recommend that you order GCMS notes to see where your application is. I recently did that and I found out that my application is stuck at the background check process.

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