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Quebec investors after getting CSQ to get visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Leo12, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. hello
    how long do you wait to have request medical. because i the same you but i have not medical request. still waiting
  2. congratulation ! how long do you to wait visa immigrant from get AOR federal ? thank you. i am wating visa immigrant the same you .
  3. Please share your experience now because we applied in 2015 selection was in 2016 and csq also in 2016 October, since then waiting for MR please mention your timeline.

  4. Hi Vizsagar
    How are things in Quebec? Are you settled there or elsewhere. I understand your son is studying in Montreal. I am waiting for the medical. My file reached Delhi VO October 17. I guess should come anytime soon. I needed some information about English medium schools in Montreal. I am looking for my son for class 11.
    Would appreciate your suggestions.

  5. Hi guys
    In immigrantation website Federal processing time for Quebec investors is about 42 months ! Does it take that long for real :eek:?? Can anyone tell me about his experience and the time he is waiting ??
  6. Hi SaharAmaj,

    Its actually 44 months. And yes it does take that long. I am on my 45th month. Good luck
  7. Thank you BCBC. I’m sure you will hear good news very soon. Can you tell me more about your timeline?
  8. Hello can you please share which year did you apply . Mentioned the whole experience the you applied abd the uoubgot your medical and PR
  9. Hi all
    Any progress made , any good news . Pls share . Tnx
  10. So, no one have received any updated stats after this? o_O
  11. Hi.. can u plz tell me.. our CSQ came on august 11 ,2017 and medical done m passed 20 December 2018.. now our application says estimated time 26 months more!!! Really again that long! Then do we have to go for re medical in December!!?
  12. Coz medical will expire on 20 December 2019.

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