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Quebec investors after getting CSQ to get visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Leo12, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Will any one can inform me the following,

    I already had got the CSQ and already had applied for visa to Federal last month, in this case how long it will take to get the confirmation for the police clearance, medical and confirmation to issuance of visa???

    I had applied from Bangladesh to singapore office and my interview was held at hong kong.

  2. Hi

    20 months processing for 80% of applicants at Singapore.
  3. Dear,

    Thanks a lot for the information. As I understand this would be the total time to finish the procedure, in the mean time they must ask for some thing first, it might be PCC, madical or any other things, will you please let me know when they can ask for the PCC (Police clearance certificate) or medical ?

  4. Hi,
    I made the required investment under QIIP 800K on April 2012, and get my CSQ on May 2012. I sent my file as requested to the visa office of Paris to process the Canadian Visa (PR) on 5th of June 2012.
    What is the estimated period to get the visa knowing that I didn't have yet a call for the medical examination?.
    Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Did you get any thing after submit your application to VO for PR? I am also in same stage.
  6. Hi

    CIC quotes 16 months for 80% of investor applications for Quebec in Paris.
  7. Dear PMM,
    Thanks a lot for the information that you providing here. Will you please let us know after submitting the application how long it takes for the Aknowladgment from federal and how do we know that the federal had transfered the file to visa office (Wither to Paris or Singapore).
  8. No I didn't.
  9. Still I am waiting for the Aknowladgment, PCC confirmation, madical confirmation and so on, this is still one and half month gone after submit my application.

    I know every one watching this thread but please share some thing from our side.

  10. Any one get AOR after submite the file to fedarel along with CSQ and request for PCC or MR ??
    Please share.......
  11. Did you get AOR or any thing from them.. Still I didn't ...
  12. happy New year to all of you
  13. Dear members,
    This is almost 3 months I had submitted my application for federal part to Sydney, still I didn't received acknowledgement from them. Also I checked with my bank about the DD (visa fee) which still they didn't encashed since last week.
    Will any one please give me some light in this issue...
    My applied is under QIIP.
  14. Dear forum mates,
    After 4 month from the date of submission of my application to CIO, I got the acknowledgement and they informed me the application has sent to visa office for further procesing.
  15. Hi,
    Do you have any updates.????

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