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Quebec investors after getting CSQ to get visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Leo12, Oct 17, 2012.

  2. Pls can anyone guide me on CGMS notes . My application under QIIP is in the initial stages , meaning my docs have been accepted in nov 2016 . Iam waiting for csq interview call. Can I ask for CGMS notes at this time ? Pls clarify , thanks in advance
  3. I took your recommendation and just ordered GCMS. let see what happens. Nevertheless, nothing changes by knowing the situation. Still have to wait and wait
  4. Unfortunately you are right. But knowing that my application was at the background check and knowing that it was not misplaced or lost gave me some relief. I hope you get the same once you get your notes. Also, I am almost certain that your background check is going through 'security screening'. Security screening is a lengthier and more exhaustive background check done to 'certain' applications from specific countries. I'm from a war-torn, and it seems they need to spend more time on my background check. All I can do is wait.
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    Hi again.
    Today I received an email from Paris VO requesting me for medical. I think my waiting is almost over. :):D
    Now can some one tell me how long will it take from this point until getting visa?
  6. Hi, pls can anyone inform as to when the investor interviews for CSQ, (for applications submitted late last year 2016 (almost 8 months now)) ,,take place. Thanks in advance.
  7. Congratulations! Excellent news. Please keep us informed on what happens next.
  8. Hi, is there anyone who applied under QIIP in 2016 and got interview call for CSQ? Pls share
  9. Hi Nader123,

    What's your update?
  10. Hi gka008
    No update yet. web site says it will take 3 months. Mine has been 3 weeks up to date.
  11. Process is really slow and frustration does creep up . More so if you have deposited such a huge sum of money . I totally agree there should be more transparency and midi should take efforts to update its website more frequently and regularly
    They should also work on their response time as also in the processing time for qiip applications. From Jan 2016 we are hearing processing times should improve etc but by the look of it , doesn't seem so , as still federal is taking 42 months in processing 80% of the applications . I fail to understand why inspite of now fewer applications (I hear the strongest/ most eligible) being taken up, things have not fastened ?
    Their are people who have been waiting for 4 years and more , people like me who are new , are on same path . I sincerely hope and pray , midi should realize our plight . We are not getting any younger .
    God be with us . Patience is the key
  12. Good luck! Please let us know when you get passport request.
  13. Hi Gka
    What stage are you at ? Would you be kind to share your timeline/ experience for the juniors here pls .
    Thanks in advance
  14. Which investment plan did you take pls?
  15. Hi ALL,
    I was wondering if anyone here has or is aware of any link/source for spreadsheet (where we can see movement of file /in progress of fellow applicants with their timelines) etc for QIIP . Kindly share .
    Any other link etc where the movement of my file (in progress) can be checked etc would be very helpful


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