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Quebec investors after getting CSQ to get visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Leo12, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I got my medicals done in December, 2014. I am in the process (QIIP) since early 2010 and now my patience is getting better of me. I want to know how much time does it takes till request for ppr is sent?
  2. Have you taken GCMS notes?
  3. No, how can they help me?
  4. Suggest that you write email to Delhi VO and ask them what is the status of your file as of
    now and I am sure you will get reply which is normally in 15 to 20 days time.

    All the best !!
    Have patience buddy as there are people waiting much longer than you!!
  5. GCMS notes provide insight knowledge regarding information which immigration officials share about you. This would also tell at which stage your file is and if immigration officials have raised any reservations, you would know.

    That's how I found out that they were concerned about my eldest sibling's current occupation which I communicated to them accordingly and I got my PPR1 and PPR2
  6. Hi Hkbean,

    My representative contacted me and told me that I received my file number today. Though it comes late (7 months after submission), at least, it shows me that my file is not lost and it is in processing. Hope my visa comes early and also hope you get your file number these days.

    Again, thank you Vizsagar :)

  7. I wrote sibling by mistake. It's eldest child
  8. Hi newlifecanada,

    Co-incidentally I got my File no. also in mid-Feb - but the lawyer just informed me today as they were closed for holidays for Chinese new year in Hong Kong.

    Looks like both our files are progressing in a similar time frame.

    I just logged in today to inform you of the same and saw your message.


  9. Hi,
    I have just received my passport request from New Delhi Visa Office, does anyone know how long do they take to send the passport back with visa papers?
  10. Congrats thucydides!

    Hopefully around a month's time!
  11. Thank you for your wishes and kind support on this forum
  12. Any Quebec investors patiently waiting to hear from ADVO?
  13. Hi everyone,
    I am very new to this forum but seems very helpful; Below you can see the procedure I have gone thru. can anyone tell me what would be next and how much longer I should wait?

    Received my CSQ on Oct 2012
    filed with federal on Feb 2013
    CIC indicated "We received your application for permanent residence on May 22, 2013"
    "We started processing your application on December 10, 2013"
    on Aug 31st received an email from Paris Vo requesting more documents which was sent to them in matter of 2 weeks
    on Dec 7th 2016 I was asked for more documents and also to pay RPRF which all was done and sent back by Dec 12, 2016

    still waiting and there has been no respond.
  14. It seems like your file processing is going ahead. On website, it shows 41 months. You are in your 46th month of processing, so you can contact your Visa Office (via Case Specific Enquiry Form) and request for progress.
  15. Hi XpressEnterprise and thanks for the info. I will consider doing as you say. But is not better to send another email to Paris inquiry the same.

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