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Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by visaexpert, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. @peso,

    No news bro to be honest I am very bored now...I know many from Damascus office and having file number same as ours and they are called fro interview and their interviews are going to be held in the month of May 2011, but in case of ours no news.

    I read in a post few days ago that one guy who has file number of July 2010 from HK office has been informed that he is in waiting list and will be informed about the date of interview soon. I think they are going to schedule our interview in the month of May or June but that also depends on other factors. You say something what shall we do?
  2. @quebec2011
    well i think we can wait until the middle of the month and then we send email to them , that's what i think what about you?
  3. @peso,

    Yes you are right but I don't think that they will reply. I sent them a FAX bu they didn't reply.
  4. Hi Visaexpert,

    One of my friend (who is Indian CA currently working in UAE) wish to apply thru Quebec.

    If he is learning french during 6 months or more , will he be able to apply thru Quebec.

    His details are as follows:-

    Education - M.Com + CA
    Age - 36
    Work Experience - 8+
    Family - 1 kid ( 2 yrs)

    Appreciate your valuable suggestion for same.

  5. @ coolguy2010,

    Ask your friend to take an assessment test here. If it shows that positive response then of course he can apply for QSW.

    But I think he can qualify.

    6 Month is not enough for french language he should start learning french as soon as he applies for QSW because it takes 6-8 months to be called for interview and attend the interview. So overall he is gonna have 9 months or more till he attends the interview...so i think 9 months would be fair enough for french language.

  6. Thanks quebec2011

    If he overcomes French ability, will there be any other barriers in process...?

  7. Hi to all Quebec experts,

    Pls respond to my below queries;

    1. Presently I m in UAE, whether I need to submit file to Abu dhabi or London?
    2. Initially, whether all documents need to be submitted with appli form or later?
    3. Once we reach Quebec, what is the stay requirement over there? I.e When we can move to other province like Ontario..
    4. Can we use English in day-to-day communication or French is compulsory?

  8. No there won't be any problem after learning french language.
  10. Dear Quebec2011,

    Since he is in UAE, he cannot file application with London Office or Abu Dhabi Office...?

  11. @coolguy,

    Abu dhabi is not a BIQ it is a CIC, UAE is coming under Damascus.

    London is not a BIQ, it is coming under paris BIQ.

    Where is your friend from ?
  12. He is from UAE....Where will be the Interview conducted...?
  13. If he is from UAE Then he should surely send his Application to BIQ damascus.


    interview will be conducted in Damascus.

    Good luck
  14. @quebec2011

    hello, im in the Philippines, where can I send my application? thanks..
  15. does bachelor of science in commerce major in management accounting falls in the preferred list of training?

    for the cv, should I make it match with the noc duties? or just a general cv?

    anyone here who is a commerce grad and was self employed?how with you go with the supporting documents?

    For biq-hongkong, interview sched is april to may,so I guess it would be better for me to write french exam first and then file my application?
    Would it be enough to study french in a month then take exam and submit? could I be able to get csq within this year?

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