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Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19


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Jun 14, 2018
Hi Guys, I received RFV in cic gc account with my name, I am inland and had already replied on the PR confirmation email that I had received. My dependent is outland so should I go ahead sent my spouses passport now with this letter even its in my name?


Nov 5, 2020
Hi Guys, I received RFV in cic gc account with my name, I am inland and had already replied on the PR confirmation email that I had received. My dependent is outland so should I go ahead sent my spouses passport now with this letter even its in my name?
i also received RFV in my cic account with my name and i am similar situation , what are the steps you took ?
can you please share the information ?


Nov 2, 2021
Hi Guys,

I am an inland principal applicant and have two dependents outside of Canada.

I received two emails of PR confirmations for me and my wife, but not for the child. I have responded to one email for me with the details requested for the Principal applicant and dependents but not for the wife.

Today I received an email to sign in to the portal and confirm the details and upload photos for the PR card.

In the portal in the declaration it says, I need to confirm on behalf of my family that they are in Canada.
What do I need to do in this situation, my family is not in Canada and it says I need to confirm this in 7 days.

Am I missing anything here?

Appreciate your help, thank you.


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Jun 14, 2018
PR Confirmation e-mail - Nov 27 (Replied the same day)
Email with PR Portal credentials - Nov 29
Photo & Address upload to PR Portal - Dec 1
PPR for Outland Spouse - Dec 23
eCOPR generation date - Pending
PR Cards received - Pending

VO Etobicoke

Hey Guys, I wanted to know will I get Ecopr after my outland spouse get her visa stamped or its not dependent on it?


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Jun 14, 2018
Hey Guys, Today I received the PR Confirmation email again From Etobicoke saying the previous email had wrong UCI. But I checked the previous UCI was correct. so I am confused now since I had already received PR Portal login & I submitted my address, photo on the same. Also my outland dependent submitted their Passport for stamping. Why would they resend it ? does anyone has gone through similar experience ? and what should I do?

CEC Applicant 2022

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Dec 22, 2022
NOC Code......
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
Hello Friends - Like most of the applicants here, I am also in the same situation. Inland Main applicant and Outland dependents. I have received two portal emails today one for me and one for my spouse. Since my spouse is in India she should have received PPR

Should I reply to the portal email telling my dependents are in India and they need PPR letter?
I have travel plans to India next month, Can I request them to issue PPR for me as well?. All the family members passport can get stamped and land together in canada.

if someone went through this process, can you please guide me here


Feb 4, 2023

Dependents got their passport stamped outside Canada but Principal Applicant in Canada still waiting for ECOPR.

Can dependents travel to Canada without Principal Applicant having the ECOPR?

Did you get answers for this ?


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Oct 20, 2021
you can also reply to same portal email asking for ppr for outland dependents. They will issue you the same.

Hello guys, I, ( PRINCIPAL APPLICANT) received eCOPR n January 6 together with my spouse and daughter , we are all inside Canada( INLAND). I have a 7 years old son who is outside Canada( OUTLAND) and his name is also listed on the eCOPR as a Non accompanied dependent and he went for medicals last year at the same time with us. I sent an email to IRCC yesterday asking for PASSPORT REQUEST LETTER for my dependent who is outside Canada(OUTLAND), please kindly see IRCC reply below :

Good day: Thank you for your email. Your application with HM Niagara Falls is now closed. Please contact the customer support line at 888-242-2100 for inquiries.

Thank you


Please what do I do to get passport request letter for my outland dependent in this situation?
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Oct 20, 2021
Hello everyone, please don't give up if you're still on this path; if you keep going, you'll get there. Please see my timeline down below:

  1. We received your application for permanent residence on August 26, 2021.
  2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on October 28, 2021.
  3. We started processing your application on February 5, 2022.
  4. AIP received through email on July 4,2022
  5. We sent you medical instructions on July 9, 2022. To avoid delays, please provide us the information requested in the letter as soon as possible. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.
  6. Medical results have been received.
  7. Decision Made on January 25, 2023( SATURDAY)
  8. Portal email received on January 31,2023 and replied back same day with login credentials
  9. Uploaded photo on January 31, 2023 and declared my physical presence in Canada same day
  10. You entered Canada at the HM Niagara Falls office on February 6, 2023 and became a Permanent Resident.
I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support and take this chance to reassure everybody who is still waiting that good news is on the way.


Aug 11, 2022
Yes .. our consultant had said that many applicants (dependants) had received their ppr under the main applicant's name and everything went fine (same as my case), so no worries :)

Would you mind telling me what was the expiry date of the ECOPR that your back home spouse got ?

Were the ECOPR validity period for both of you same ?



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Dec 6, 2022
Hi Guys,

Today I got my eCoPR + another email - "Congratulations! You are now a permanent resident of Canada!".

There is no update/progress on the outland dependent PPR. How long it may take to get the PPR?

Anyone in the same situation? A little bit worried now.
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