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Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19


Aug 5, 2022
Hi Everyone,Hope you are all doing good. I have some questions about my Portal email that I have to reply that I received just yesterday. I am proncipal applicant (inland) and my dependent is Outland in India.
In this case how should I reply to email ? To get the passport request for my Outland dependent.
Please any kind of help is much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
Would you please let me know what you ended up doing? I'm dealing with the same situation.


May 1, 2019
Can someone please help me here. I am an inland applicant under CEC category. My dependent spouse and minor child is outland in India. Two days back I got Portal Email for myself. Today I got two PPR letters in GcKey, one having my UCI and one with my spouse UCI. I am confused as I don't see any letter for my child. Can I send my son's passport along with letter PPR with my UCI or will he be getting a different one for him. Please help. Thanks in advance


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Nov 20, 2021
Hi everyone, Hope you're doing well. Looking for some quick suggestions here.

I'm an FSW Inland applicant with dependent outland (US).

August 10,2022 - Got an update in GC Key account with RFV/Information Letter requesting dependent to submit passport.
August 11,2022 - Both myself and my spouse got IRCC Permanent Residence Portal email asking to confirm presence in Canada.

So my husband is currently in Canada to visit me, so when Im replying back to the portal email should I answer "Yes" to say that my dependent is currently in Canada? In that case would he be getting an eCOPR as well or should we continue with sending his passport as requested by IRCC earlier? Is there any deadline to reply to the email?

P.S. - Also my husband would be leaving to the US in a week, so is it best to declare that he's in Canada now or should I wait for him to travel back and then reply to the email?



Aug 22, 2022
Hello , i have applied my PR through PNP express entry in april 2022 with outland applicant and i got my CoPR on july 2022 but i am still waiting for my spouse ppr .
do you have any how many days they will get for spouse PPR?



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Jan 3, 2022
Did you get any email from Client-update-mise-a-jour@cic.gc.ca ?
I have recieved two emails from them with a whole new application number and my spouse's U number.First one was:

This confirms that your application for permanent residence in Canada has been received by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on 2021/04/28.

Second one was:

We are currently processing your application for permanent residency. You now qualify to receive pre-arrival services to help you prepare for your new life in Canada. These services are only available to you before you enter Canada.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funds settlement service provider organizations to deliver pre-arrival services at no cost to you. We strongly recommend that you use pre-arrival services. They can help you to:
• Prepare for your move to Canada and learn about living and working in Canada; • Get your education, work experience, and professional licenses and certificates
recognized in Canada;
• Connect with employers; and
• Connect with organizations that offer free settlement services, including
language training, after you arrive in Canada.

i am really worried now. Do you have any idea?
How did you proceed afterwards? I am in a similar situation. I had already received my PR as the Principal Applicant. My spouse received two emails with a new application number. I was wondering which of the following I should do:
- Wait for an email to be sent to me as the PA in the original application?
- Use the new application number sent to my spouse to link that application to my online GC account?
- Tell my spouse to open a new online GC account and link that new application number there?

What did you do?


Aug 22, 2022
Hey I am a PNP Inland with a outland dependent.
I got my ECOPR Today.

but you dependent overseas have not gotten the PPR Yet.
Does anyone have the same experience and if yes how long does it look for the outland dependent to get there PPR OR ECOPR.
My timeline is

1. When did you receive an email asking for information? June 30, 2022(replied same day)

2. When did you receive your log in details for the portal? July 4th 2022

3. When did you declare your presence in Canada, updated the address and uploaded a picture on the portal? July 4th, 2022

4. When did you receive ECOPR? July6th, 2022

5. What is the VO? Calgary

6. When did you receive your PR card in the mail? Waiting
hello, Did you get your spouse ppr?


Sep 29, 2022
any up
Hello , i have applied my PR through PNP express entry in april 2022 with outland applicant and i got my CoPR on july 2022 but i am still waiting for my spouse ppr .
do you have any how many days they will get for spouse PPR?

any update on this?