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PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by yoshi786, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Only one parent needs to be the sponsor.
  2. Hello guys, hope you are all fine
    I have read all through this thread, but I have a question..

    My wife and I are PR.. Due to some issues we can have our child in our home country
    My question is.. Do I have to be in Canada alone while my wife is staying with my child in our country? I mean during the processing time of the sponsorship
    Or we can both take our child to Canada with us and start the process from there?
    Is this possible? Or what are my options in this issue?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. If the child requires a TRV, you can try but no guarantee of approval. If refused, you could try for a TRP but no guarantee of that being approved either. If both are refused, your only option would be to move to Canada without your child to do the sponsorship process.
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply ...
  5. Hi all,
    I and my husband are PRs living in Canada since January'19. We applied for sponsoring our 1 year old son (born in US) and got an email saying that we met the requirements and need to get a medical exam report for him. There it also mentions that if applicable we must pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. As far as I understand it is a required payment for the spouse sponsorship. But I want to make sure. We had paid $150 (as indicated in the fee list) and attached the receipt to our application file.
    So, those who completed their sponsorship application successfully, how much did you pay?

    My second question:

    2. I and my son will go overseas to our home country for a one month. My husband who is the sponsor will stay in Canada. But by the time we return to Canada, my son's visitor Visa will be expired. So, do we have to extend his visa? Since his PR application is still in process, does our application for a visa extension affect the process? We ve already bought the airline tickets for our trio and cancellation will be quite pricey.

  6. 1. The RPRF is not required for a dependent child.

    2. Americans are visa-exempt, so he doesn't have a visitor visa. His status ends when he leaves Canada and he will be evaluated as a new visitor upon re-entry.
  7. Thank you for your response. One more question.
    We must complete the medical exam in 30 days yet there is only one panel physician in our town and his schedule is full till June. He doesn't accept any patients. The closest panel physician approved by IRCC is 6 hour away from us. Should we drive there to get the exam done or is it ok to call IRCC office and get an extension?
  8. You can send a Webform for an extension or get it done at the other Pabel Physician. Up to you.
  9. You should also check your health care residency requirements. Many require you to be present for the first 5 of 6 months. Good to look in general.
  10. Hi,

    Me and my husband are PR since 2016 (landing in Feb). We are Swedish citizens and our firstborn born son was as well born in Sweden. We moved to Canada in late January 2019 and we want to sponsor him for PR. He is currently with us in Canada with his Swedish passport.
    We have not yet found jobs and we recently had our daughter born her in Canada so I will staying home with her.
    My question on which I appreciate your input on:
    - we will meet the 2y of 5 but we will have not at the time we apply for his PR sponsorship. (Which we will during May). Will that be a problem when applying?
    - what is the process time. He is 2,5y old.
    - will it go faster if I as his mother apply for his sponsorship or will it not matter?
    - how much are the financials that we need to show for the sponsorship?

  11. You will still meet the RO, as you have enough time to get 2 years by Feb 2021. If you didn't spend much time in Canada in 2016, you need to be very careful about leaving Canada at all in the next few years.

    Expect 6-8 months.

    Doesn't matter which of you sponsors him.

    There is no minimum income requirement. You have to show you can support yourselves in Canada without welfare.
  12. Hi,

    I am applying for PR for my daughter born in USA. She has US passport and is now living with me in Ontario, Canada. I am filling out her PR form and have a few questions:

    1.) What document should I submit for the following question: "If you (the principal applicant) are living in Canada, provide proof of your status in Canada (e.g. copy of temporary resident visa, study permit or work permit, temporary resident permit, including out of status documentation)."?

    2.) For additional proof of relationship to sponsor it asks for this: "An official document (other than your birth certificate/baptismal certificate) showing that your sponsor is your parent." Right now we have only the birth certificate. What other documents can I submit to show the relationship to my daughter?

    3.) Once I submit the PR application, will my daughter be eligible for Ontario health insurance while the PR is being processed?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.
  13. 1. If she got a stamp in her passport when entering, include a copy of that. If she didn't, just include a letter stating that.

    2. It asks for one item from a list. That is just one of the many options.

    3. No.

  14. Thanks for the reply. For question 2, we have only the US birth certificate which shows I am her parent and they don't want that. Is there any other document which is acceptable?
  15. Have you never taken a picture with your child?

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