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PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by yoshi786, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. You could have applies to extend your child's stay.

    The medical can be done anywhere.
  2. Thanks Canuck.
  3. Hello Friends,

    I am in a situation similar to what many people have asked here on this thread but just wanted some more information. Me and my wife arrived in Canada in June 2018. My wife is now pregnant and the due date is April 2019. We have health card and all the check ups are done through the OHIP card. Initially we had planned to have our baby here in Canada and we thought of calling her parents to Canada by end of March or April starting but one person told us that since we had just arrived in canada it will be difficult for her parents to get the visitor visa. Also I am not sure about the climate in March end and April as such kind of cold weather we have never seen back home(India) so wondering if its very cold during that time it will be difficult for them to adjust. I am listing down few questions and if some one can help me by answering and clearing the confusion.

    1) What are the chances for her parents to get the visitor visa?
    2) What kind of weather it is usually in March end and April?
    3) If the child is born in India and I stay back here and apply for the child how much time it takes for the child to get the PR and what all documents will be need and the cost of whole process?
    4) I had a job but lost it and currently surviving on survival jobs so will that affect the application if the child is born outside Canada and when I try to apply for my childs PR?
    5) Any idea until how many weeks a pregnant women can travel in flights?
    6) Is there any restrictions where in to apply for a child me and my wife has to be in Canada for atleast a number of years or so?
    7) Will the child get the Child Care Benefit once it gets the PR and lands in Canada?
    8) Once I had applied for my childs PR can the baby travel to Canada on visitor visa while the PR process is going on?
    9) Where can I find all the related information on official canada gov website or any places like(Service Canada/Service Ontario) which can help me clear all the confusions?

    Sorry about the long list of questions. Thanks in advance for your help.

  4. 1. Depends on the parents finances, travel history and ties to India. It would be better if you were a bit more established in Canada but you have been in Canada for 6 months.
    2. Hard to say. Varies from snowstorms to spring weather.
    3.It would take approximately 6-10 months from when you apply to get PR for the child. One parent must be in Canada at the time. You will have to do medical and get birth certificate an passport. Fee is $150 I believe.
    4. You have to be able to show that you have the finances to support your child.
    5.Depends on the airline. For such a long flight I would be cautious because babies do often arrive early. Personally I would recommend no later than 32 weeks for such a long flight but check the airline website.
    6.One parent must be in Canada and you must be compliant with your RO.
    7. Yes but there is a delay in receiving the benefits. Usually 6-12 weeks.
    8. You can try but not all babies are granted TRVs or TRPs.
  5. Hi everyone, I need your experience.
    My husband is a PR holder but I'm living outside Canada. I have been asked for my passport to get my visa last week but my baby is to be delivered in two weeks. My related Canada office in Ankara told me, I need to wait until my baby is born then apply for her passport once I get it ,I need to contact cpc vegrevil.
    When I searched the cımcic site, it gives me 3 options with 3 different office address which one is children caregiver, is it the right category for me to choose? Plus, there's no info about sending certain document, what doc need to be sent, ( my husband has to send or me ) And how long more I need to finish the process again, to join my husband?
  6. No need to worry for X-ray while you are pregnant for your medical, I did it last month but ask them to cover your belly with a special cover lid.
  7. It is personal choice but most doctors don't recommend unnecessary radiation exposure especially earlier in your pregnancy when development is occurring. Most choose not to risk it. Given that you will have to wait until your child is delivered to move to Canada there was no point in doing the x-ray pregnant. You could have waited until after delivery.
  8. Children caregiver program is for nannies.
  9. Hi Guy's, Wish you all a very happy new year !
    I am in somewhat similar situation what has been discussed here. Me and my wife are Indian citizens currently living in UK. We have got our PR cards last year 2018 when we did our first port of entry. However we did not lived there for longer time and came back to UK. We recently blessed with our baby here in UK and now we want him to have a Canada PR so that we can take him to Canada when we decide to migrate.

    Could you please advise what should be the process for filling a PR application for a baby being in UK, Is there any option ?
    If there is no option to file a PR application being in UK then what other options we have ?

    Thanks & really appreciate your response on this query !!

  10. Did you read through this thread? It already provides information about what is possible.

    No - you cannot sponsor your child from the UK. The parent who sponsors must be living in Canada.

    If your child has UK citizenship through birth, obtain the baby's passport and apply for an ETA. You can then all travel to Canada and the baby can be sponsored from there.
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  11. Thanks @scylla , appreciate your response !

    Yes I did gone through most of the thread and already had an idea about what you respond, but still wanted to confirm if there is any recent changes.
    As you mentioned we already got our baby's Indian passport, may I know what is ETA ?
    Is it possible that if only I travel to canada and process baby's PR and later my wife and kid join me. Or is it compulsory that baby need to be there in Canada until his PR process ?
  12. An eTA is a travel visa for those who are from a visa exempt country. With an Indian passport, your baby does not qualify for an eTA and must apply for a TRV to come to Canada. I thought your baby was born in the UK and a UK citizen with a UK passport. If not, eTA is not an option.

    Yes - you can travel to Canada alone to process the baby's PR. You will need to make sure you continue living in Canada while the application is processed. Processing should take around six months.
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  13. Thanks @scylla !
    Unfortunately UK doesn't provide citizenship by birth. Cool I will look for an options to get TRV. Most probably I shall be travelling alone and get the PR done for baby and then they will join me.
  14. If one parent lives in Canada and other parent is with Child (for delivery outside Canada) , does both parents need to be sponsor?

    Here both parents are PR
  15. Hello guys,

    Wanted an expert advice.

    Me and my wife are Canadian PR holder and living in Canada for last couple of years. We decided to deliver our baby in India and baby was born back December 2018. Now my wife is with my kid in India and I'm applying for Child sponsorship for my new born.

    Couple of questions:

    1) Does my wife need to be co-sponsor in the application? Even though she is living in Canada she's in India currently.
    2) If I'm not listing her as co-sponsor, do we need to fill IMM 5604 form?
    2) In the dependent check list form there is point#6

    Declaration from Non-Accompanying Parent/Guardian for Minors Immigrating to Canada (IMM 5604) . Do I need to select Yes or No?
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