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PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by yoshi786, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. You can try to get a trv for your child and if that fails a trp. If both fail your wife either has to stay with your son or leave your son with relatives and return to Canada until your son gets his PR. Meeting the 2 out of 5 year RO is not asking a lot so you should have planned accordingly. Hopefully you will be granted either a TRV or TRP.
  2. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi All,

    I have a question on similar subject, Me, my wife and my daughter(8 year) are Canadian PR holder. We are presently in Canada.
    I have 2 year daughter who is US citizen and came here with us(as we moved from New Jersey). My younger one has 6 month visa which is received on arrival.

    I applied PR for my daughter through paper mail(2 months back) and have not received any response:- Can you suggest:-

    - How much time it may take for them to reply even an acknowledgement of process being started.
    - My younger daughter has just 4 month of Canadian visa left. What do i need to do assuming decision of her PR is not confirmed until then. Do i need to apply for visitor visa again or if there is any other way.
    - How can i reach out to CIC,as for paper mail i don't have much record other than particulars of application.
  4. Hi

    It can take a few months.

    Apply for an extension of visitor status.

    There is no need to contact IRCC at this point.
  5. Hello All
    I need advice on similar Query - Me and my husband have received PR for Canada and visa got stamped. We need to land up Canada before March 2019. In last few months we discovered that we are going to be parents. My due date is April 2019. Initially we planned to go land in Canada and myself to come back India for delivery. How long does it take to add new born to PR & what is the process ? Is it recommended to stay back in Canada and give birth there ? We are so confused. Please advice .
  6. First of all depending where you are relocating to you may not have health care in Canada for up to 3 months. You also have to fly by a certain date because of the airline but you never know what will happen during pregnancy so given that you have to land by March (no extensions) you should try to land sooner rather than later. At least one parent must be in Canada to sponsor the child. It can take 8-10 months typically but sometimes faster to sponsor a child. If you wanted to fly back to Canada earlier you can try for TRV or TRP but you probably have a 50/50 shot. You child will also have to give birth in Canada for him/her to pass on her Canadian citizenship to her children by birth.
  7. I'm in the same situation as yours (8yrs old son and 2 yrs old daughter). I applied for my daughter on July 30th and waiting for acknowledgement (AOR) .
  8. Thanks for reply, one question. Will my daughter not be considered in "Implied Status" and hence Visitor Visa extension would not be required?
  9. No. It will be an outland application. There's no implied status with outland applications.
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  10. Hi,

    Can anyone please advise me about my situation?

    My wife and I are both Canadian PR in Mauritius right now. We went to Canada to take the PR in April, my wife was 5 months pregnant then. Our baby was born in August in Mauritius, and we obviously want to settle in Canada with our entire family. I've read quite a bit about parents in my situation getting TRP/TRV rejected, and need to sponsor from Canada, leaving family behind. CIC website say procedures can be quite long, 14 months for Mauritius. I definitely want to avoid that!!

    The thing is, I (me only, not my wife) have a French passport. My child is therefore French by birth, and I've read France is a visa exempt country.
    Does it mean I can bring my child with me just with her French passport?
    Will authorities accept PR parents with a baby without PR but visa exempt?

    Thank you for your help.
  11. You would have to go through the process of obtaining a French passport for your child. Yes your child should be able to enter as a visitor if he gets an ETA. You will have to apply for a visitor status extension for your child every 6 months (1 month before expiry) and get buy a healthcare policy to cover your child and the rest of your family, if needed, until they qualm for healthcare. You can sponsor your child when you arrive in Canada.
  12. Hi Canuck78,

    My child will readily have a French passport, no doubt about that. I am already in contact with French embassy.
    What I fear is that immigration officers in Canada may see this as a "stunt" (parents are PR, but child is a visitor) and refuse entry in Canada.
    Once I land, I'll start sponsorship right away. I guess I'll have to be very convincing if they ask any questions...

    Thanks for your help.
  13. You also have to apply for the child's eta before departure.
  14. Yes!!
  15. Has anyone ever heard of cases where PR parents have been refused entry because they are bringing a non PR child?
    I mean at immigration itself, being deported.

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