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PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by yoshi786, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. PRs have the right of entry to Canada and CBSA is not going to refuse your child. You are worrying for nothing.
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  2. You have the right of entry but:
    1. You can be reported if you do not meet RO criteria (if you landed in less than 3 years ago, then you do not need to worry about this one).
    2. you could be detained if there was a warrant issued in Canada on you (that would be for committing some serious crime, which I do not think you did).

    So in you case you should not worry. And it is not that uncommon to see a non PR young baby coming in with parents. Just be aware that you have to return to Canada first before being able to sponsor your child for PR (your child can get a visitor status first).

    Good luck
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  3. My wife who is 5 months pregnant is going back to India for the delivery along with our 1 year child next month. Due to some personal reasons, she won't be able to deliver the baby here, and hence the return. They both have PR. Once we have the baby, I have to sponsor to bring the baby back to Canada. What I want to know is that if I am working on min wage, doing survival jobs, would I be able to sponsor my child, or is there any min annual income that I should have in order to sponsor the baby? @canuck78
  4. You need to show you can support your family without government help. It will be up to CIC to determine if income is enough. You can also show savings. When your wife and child leave you need to call to cancel the child tax benefit until the child returns and also call your provincial health insurance to notify them of the long absence because it sounds like they will be out of the country for at least 7 months but likely longer.
  5. Savings in India would work? I have already contacted both CRA and provincial health insurance.
  6. Yes any savings can be added to proof that you can support yourself.
  7. Hello,
    I ready somewhere on another similar forum about residency obligations of 730 days before you can sponsor a child/spouse. So when PR parents are landing with a visitor newborn with the intention to eventually rapidly apply for baby's sponsorship, the parents will not have resided 730 days in Canada right?
  8. Hi, how are you doing? I am from Mauritius also and in a similar situation as you. Well still waiting for the immigration visa right now. I am pregnant and due to deliver in March 2019. I have been reading about child sponsorship and considering to do it. How is your experience on it?
  9. Have you done your medical? Moat doctors advise not doing the x-ray so your case will be on hold until after delivery. You should also be aware that there is an up to 3 month wait to receive healthcare depending on the province. You would have to pay your healthcare costs until then. If you choose a province where you receive healthcare right away you must remain in that province you can't deliver and move. There are residency requirements in general when it comes to healthcare in Canada which you should read up on.
  10. Yes, medicals with x-ray tests already done and medicals passed also. Yes, but i put a lead apron on and all went on fine. I know about healthcare issues in Canada. I was just asking about the RO of 730 days about which some people are talking about. Do you know about this?Is it mentioned somewhere on CIC website?
  11. It is the fundamental requirement of the PR system. You must remain in Canada for 2 out of 5 years. After the first 5 years you must have stayed in Canada 2 out of 5 years on any day.
  12. On 10 Oct 2018, you advised Lion2807, that 'You can sponsor your child when you arrive in Canada'. So, when you land in Canada, you have not completed 730 days. It is still possible to sponsor your newborn right?
  13. You must have 730 days OR for new PRs, be able to get 730 days in your first 5 years.
  14. OK thanks.
  15. Sponsorship approval and Medical request received today for 2 yrs old kid!
    but the issue is when applied my 2 old daughter was with me in Candada but couple of weeks back she travelled to home country (because of 6 months max stay - visa issue).
    The medical request says "Your medical examination must be performed by a doctor from the IRCC list of Panel Physicians. The list of Panel Physicians to find a doctor in your area " and get report in IMM1017E. It does't say i should complete only in Canada so my question is can i go ahead and complete the medical test in one of the listed hospital in home country or should i report the change in living location to IRCC before going through medicals?Suggestions are highly appreciated.

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