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PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by yoshi786, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Hello lovely people,

    Can anyone point me in the right direction (resources on/off CIC's website) if it's possible to sponsor a child born (outside Canada) to parents holding a valid PR status?

    Thanks :)
  2. First of all one of the parents needs to be physically in Canada to submit the sponsorship application (and will need to remain in Canada while the application is processed). You would then submit the following application: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/sponsor/spouse.asp
  3. Hi Scylla, I tried to send you a private message because I dont know how frequently you use this web. So from your reply I have question. I am PR in canada and doing job here I have sponsored my wife and her process is almost done . Now we have got baby I want to go back on parental leave for couple of months so I cannot add my baby to my wife application until i will remain there this is what you mean ?
  4. While you are in the spousal sponsorship process you shouldn't leave Canada for more than a short vacation. A few weeks may be ok but not a few months.
  5. Agreed. You should remain in Canada while your wife's application is in process. You would need to add the child to it before she lands. Leaving Canada for an extended period is likely to cause your wife's application to be rejected.
  6. If you leave for more than a few weeks, you risk your sponsorship app being refused. You need to keep it to a short visit. Add the child to your wife's app ASAP to prevent further delays in the processing.
  7. Hi... i have similar query. Me my husband and our first daughter are PR holders. We want to sponsor our new born daughter born in India for PR. How is that possible as financial details of last 12 months is asked n my husband would be joining job now.
  8. Your husband needs to be living in Canada for the entire sponsorship process.

    If he hasn't been working for the past year, he will need to put $0. He will need to show how he will support his family in Canada.
  9. He wd be in Canada. Can we show finances that we have in India? What r the options ? As we want to do process asap
  10. Yes you show savings in India and job information. Sponsorship still takes 6-8 months for a child so by the time it gets processed hopefully he will have been working a while. Based on your previous questions I am confused. Did you stay in Canada for over 6 months to have your first child?
  11. The first child became a PR with the parents. The second child was born a few months ago in India.
  12. Makes sense. Brain was clearly not working at this hour. That's why the math didn't make sense!
  13. Hello Experts,
    I need advice on similar query.
    Me and my spouse are both PR. But our son is born in India. I will be in Canada for an International Assignment that will be for upto 2 years. I want to sponsor my son once i reach there. Based on various replies I have read on this forum, raising a visitor visa before applying for sponsorship has high chances of rejection. What are the chances to get a visitor visa for my son once i have received eligibility of sponsorship? My wife will be stuck in India till my son gets a visitor visa. Waiting for entire 8-10 months might put her residency obligation under threat.

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