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Postponed hearings timelines

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by SAMER MAHER, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Are you in ontario?
    How did you come canada? Do you have family with you?
  2. Member's mood has nothing to do with your appeal, i think its about how you prepare your appeal, the facts which were misunderstood or still have room that you could address those points more precisely, although appeals success rates are too low, but hope sustains the world, no harm in giving it a try, and in staying positive
  3. Thanks for sharing your story. That is what I had seen in some cases on their website, cases were rejected without any valid point as your case.

    You'll win your appeal if that is the case which you explained because federal court of Canada has advised IRB so many times to don't reject cases because of having lack of information in POE.
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  4. I flew to canada yes me and wife came here
  5. Thanks brother
  6. Hi Omar,
    Im sorry for that and I hope you will get it next time through the appeal.
    Based on what I know, they could refuse the case if you had a story at the POE and then come up with something else at the BOC.
    Leake of info or details should not be a reason to refuse however, member's mood on that day does a lot and this is the tragedy of seeking asylum.
    You need a good lawyer to evaluate the situation.
    Best of luck.
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  7. Thanks brother
  8. Dear Seniors,

    I am refugee claimant and my hearing has not been done yet, my work permit is going to expire in end of October, how many days before expiration i can apply for renewal?

  9. I guess 8 weeks before.
  10. Thank you sir
  11. You're welcome. ;)
  12. Hello everyone,
    I was not here for a while.
    I hope everyone be fine.
    Today an afghan friend was accepted after 18 months. He was so desperate and sad the last few months.
    Now he is on clouds.
    I wish all of you have good news soon,
  13. That's great news! 18 months! wow! some of my afghan friends finish in 4-5 months from applying, very messy system, glad your friend got out!
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  14. Does anybody know a good lawyer who can help me with my appeal. This is literally a last chance for me if it didn’t work then i will get in a forever process.
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  15. I would recommend Bellisimo law group they are very successful but expensive.
    However good the lawyer is though, ultimately it's your case that will determine the outcome, do you have good arguments against the decision, did the member overlook some details? maybe the member didn't logically workout the details of your case, and came in with prejudice? what's the situation back home? is there an all out civil war with rockets in the air? that would certainly play as a factor, as Canada is reluctant on putting people on planes and returning them people to war zones, however if it's just for political reasons with government that canada is friendly with not really gonna help...

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