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Postponed hearings timelines

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by SAMER MAHER, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Hi dears,

    Let's share the timeline of our postponed hearings as well as the given reason, place and why to come to Canada.

    Mine as follow:

    Proposed date of hearing: 22 Apri, 2017.
    Reason for postponing: Lake of judges.
    Place: Toronto.
    Way of coming to Canada: TRV

    Also, if someone gets a new hearing date please let's know.
    Kind regards...
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  2. This is a good topic, thanks for posting. what's TRV? my hearing is already scheduled in July, so I'm waiting for that in Toronto.
  3. my hearing is on 21st of July 2017 >
    Have TRV Visit
    video conference from Vancouver to Edmonton but sure what to do.
    Does it impact to the case via video conference? any positive or Negative impact?
    anybody has an idea how to convert Audio recording into English or video statements into English from Urdu?

    whats are the important documents because my lawyer is Indian, I want to provide him the maximum prove.
    Thanks for help
  4. Temporary Residence Visa
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  5. Sorry dear, I don't understand what do you mean.
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  6. Did anyone get a new hearing date?
  7. Hello guys,

    My hearing date is on 2nd August in Toronto. I hope
  8. the judge will hear my hearing via video call mean he would not come to Edmonton he would sit in the Vancouver.
  9. Hi guys, there was a talk last Friday on CBC about the postponing but seems nothing promising.... they said we are short with recourse to hire more judges.

    Please share your timeline and let us know if you get a new hearing date.
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  10. I think this problem is only in Montreal and Toronto
  11. Hi Everyone,

    I was scheduled for the first week of June, but it was postponed. The worse point rather than being postponed is not having an other (exact) scheluled date.

    In my letter it says;
    - For administrative reasons, your hearing is postponed to an undetermined date
    - We assure you to reschedule your hearing as soon as possible

    And, I learned from my lawyer that the main reason is "my security check is not in yet".

    I have some questions to all, please;
    1. Is there anyone in the same position?
    2. Do you have any idea about the possible reschedule date? What do they mean by saying "as soon as possible" regarding rescheduling?
    3. In Nohaabdullah's post, he says he had an rescheduled date on Oct 5th 2017, which is not bad. Isn't it weird that it is not written such a new date, instead "as soon as possible?


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  12. I've seen a guy from Calgary as well.
  13. I know two families, one since aug. 2016, other sept. 2016 both due to security check nothing happened, they postponed me although they have mine done... it's clear... things out of control. we've sent to black hole.
  14. No updates so far!
    Security check is ok, but...still waiting..
    What about you?

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