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Police certificate Mexico - Constancia de Antecedentes Registrales

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by El Mexicano, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hello, has anyone requested an official letter from the Canadian embassy for the PC? Do they send the official letter by email or regular mail?

  2. E-mail
  3. This usually does not happen. You should send the documentation again, do not wait for the documents they sent you. And submit a Webform to let them know.
  4. Apparently the embassy sent my police certificate to IRCC last week. I haven't seen any updates on my profile though...
  5. Congrats! What did the email say? What was the exact date they sent it to the IRCC? We have similar timelines. Yours was sent June 12th, mine July 12th. Seems to be about 40 business days. I wonder how long it takes for IRCC to acknowledge.. have you recieved AIP and SA yet?
  6. They just said that they sent my police certificate to IRCC on August 7th. I haven't heard anything from IRCC though... I contacted them through their webform but I don't think I'll hear back from them since my application is still within "normal processing" times
  7. The average time for the PC once you send all the information to the Canadian Embassy is 98 days. There are two ways to get the PC:

    1.- Sent all the documentation to the Canadian Embassy and wait.

    2.- To request the letter and ask a family member to help you, you will get it in less than 15 days.

    You can do both.

    In order to accelerate the process, once you send the information or they submitted. Request the GCMS notes. This makes the officer check your file and trigger the next step. If not, it can take up to 7 months once you start the PC process to get the PPR.

    If you need more information on how to get the PC faster (option 2) I can give you the information where they can help you. (
  8. Really Mexican government sucks, while other countries get their PC in their consultates in 1 or 2 days.
  9. While waiting for the PC I have recieved a DM on sponsors side and AIP for PA (we received both a week ago). Is there a point in ordering notes still? We should have the PC sometime during the beginning of September.

    Can I order notes even if my wife and I are going through a consultant?
  10. In any case you will need the PC. And remember that you just have 60 natural days to submit it.
  11. Can you provide the information. Also details on step by step process to do it ourselves ( If you know any mexico attorney who can do it for us)
  12. Can you please send me a private msg. I have the contact of a person that can help you. (GESTOR OFICIAL)
  13. Documents send to MX ——— Oct 1st
    Documents received————— Oct 2nd
    Documents send to PGR ——— <Waiting game begins>
  14. 70days.. and Im still waiting for my police certificate from Mexico, This is so frustrating!!!!!
  15. When did they received the documents in MExico? and did you check with them over email? I have received an ack that they have received my documents.

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