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Police certificate Mexico - Constancia de Antecedentes Registrales

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by El Mexicano, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hi, I need some help please!!!

    I am currently applying for PR via CEC and just got an email/letter from CIC asking me for Police Certificate from Mexico. Reading the CIC site it says:

    If you live outside of Mexico: You must first submit your Application for Permanent Residence. The Canadian Embassy in Mexico will request a police certificate on your behalf after you provide all of the following... (and then it shows a list with Fingerprints, pictures, etc)

    My question is, where should I send the required documents (fingerprints, photos, etc)? And, will they contact the PGR (Mexican security dependency) to get the Police Certificate? Basically I am confused with the whole 'The Canadian Embassy in Mexico will request a police certificate on your behalf ' piece.

    Has anyone recently requested the Mexican Police Certificate to point in out in the right direction please? Gracias!
  2. Just sent to the embassy en Mexico all the requirements and they will do it for you, in the case you are in Canada but if you are in Mexico go to the embassy get the letter and go to the PGR.

    Yo Los solicite en enero, Mande todo via ups y Los recibieron y una semana despues Los mandaron a la PGR la semana pasada me informaron que en cuanto tengan los resultados los enviarán a Ottawa. Mándame mensaje privado y te explico.
  3. Hello, I'm new to forum,

    I have some questions regarding this; hopefully another mexican who applied to the Ottawa office can help
    Me; or whoever knows! :)

    - I just received the Police certificate request today; but in the link it says I should send the requirements; but it doesn't say where. To the canadian embassy in Mexico? In the email it mentions the address for cic in Ottawa; but I think this is where I'm supposed to send it; once I get the informe de antecedentes registrales
    - has any done this recently? Do you how long does it take?
    - do they require only the federal or also the state one?

    Thanks you so much in advance!
  4. Hola Ian,

    I received the same letter on January 28, 2015. The Canadian embassy will request la Carta de antecedentes registrales on your behalf (that's all you need) then when the embassy receives the letter, they will mail it to Ottawa. You just need to send the set of finger prints, pictures, copy of your passport, etc. The link provided in my letter stated the address where I should send it, also it mentioned that it would take from 60-90 days. I sent it by fedex and according to fedex the envelope was received by the Immigration section. Few days latter I noticed that the information in the linked was updated and it didn't mention the address anymore.
    This is the address where I sent it: Canadian embassy, immigration section. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 193. Col Granada Mexico, D.F. 11520.
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks frenchfrance!

    That's actually my doubt; i checked last year the same link; and I remember the address for the canadian embassy in Mexico city was there; but in January they removed it. So it made me wonder if I had to send it to Ottawa or Mexico City! But thanks for letting
    Me know!

    Have you heard back from it?
  6. No I haven't, unfortunately they don't send any kind of notification. I guess when it's done it's done. It has been already 2 months since the documents were received, I just sent an email asking for the status of my police certificate, I received an auto-reply email that states that in 28 long days I will hear from them : :( frustrating...
  7. You send everything to the Canadian embassy in Mexico they do it for you! Immigration section!

    I received on January 20 the request
    On January 23 I sent everything by UPS
    They received on the 26 of January

    February 6 they sent the request to the PGR

    March 9 they send me an answer of my email saying that they received and they requested on. Feb 6

    March 16 I notify CPC Ottawa my PCC may not be on time within the 60 days the give me!

    March 23 CPC Otawa says they haven't get it and give me other 45 days to receive my PCC!

    March 30 Embassy in Mexico answer me a second email saying, they haven't get the results yet but they will forward the results as soon they come available!

    I guess is a matter of time!

    Good luck to all of you!
  8. Thanks for the coments!
    One last question: what email address did you use to contact the canadian embassy in Mexico?

    Thanks again! Good luck to all!
    Saludos! :)
  9. I sent my fingerprints to the embassy on January 22, and on January 26 they were submitted to the PGR, according to the embassy, it takes 30-60 business days, which is 12 weeks or little less than 3 months. That means that for me they are probably not going to be ready until April 22. I've sent an email to CPC Ottawa asking them if they had received my PCC, and to assure them that the document is on it's way if they have not received it, that was last week they haven't answered me yet.

    You go to the webpage of the Mexico visa office here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/missions/mexico.asp

    Select "Case Specific Enquiry".
  10. Hi guys

    I just sent the documents yesterday and they should be delivered today or tomorrow to the Mexican embassy, immigration section.

    Did it really take form feb 6 to march 30 at least for the PGR to get the results?

    I hope this processing time is less

    If you have any additional comments or have got your results lately please share!
  11. Hi! Thanks a lot for the info!
    Had a question though, that Miguel de Cervantes Address appears here: at cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/north-america/outside-mexico.asp

    But not here (the one I received with the email from CPC Ottawa requesting police certificate):
    (This one has no address at all)

    And the address that appears online for the Canadian embassy in Mexico is:
    Canadian Embassy, Immigration Services, schiller 529 colonia bosque de chapultepec delegacion miguel hidalgo 11580 ciudad de mexico df

    I'm torn now... I feel like sending it to the Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra since it's the one that you have tried here...
  12. I sent my request to Miguel Cervantes' address and they received it. Two weeks ago I sent an email asking about the status of my police certificate, they replied back and let me know that it is still in process, so I guess the office in Miguel Cervantes is good as well. But i have heard that most of the ppl send the request to the actual Canadian Embassy. As long as you can track when and who receives it, it is good enough.
  13. Hi guys

    It would be nice to keep track of our dates.

    My docs were received on april the 23rd. I just sent them a case specific enquiry to make sure its been processed and asked for an average time to get he PCC to the CPC.

    Keep us posted if you hear back from either Mexico embassy or ottawa/Sydney.
  14. Yesterday I received a reply from the Canadian Embassy:

    Basically the same reply I got last time, so I called CIC call centre but they told me that they do not deal with those issues there and advised me to write to the Visa Office, so wrote an explanation email on why I have been unable provide the PCC and attached all the responses I have gotten from the embassy, alongside with the instructions for getting the PCC and copies of the previous emails I sent to CPC-Ottawa.

    I sent them to cpc-ctd-ottawa@cic.gc.ca and got the automated response, so I hope they are considered for giving me more time.
  15. same here!

    Ottawa extende me for 3rd time for 45 days! they will open my case in July 6 egain

    I sent the documents to the embassy in Mexico on January 23 they received the 26, and since february 6 are in process with the PGR

    I just hope within the next 30 days they send the document to ottawa!

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