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PEI Interest letter.. What next

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by javed25, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. I received PEI interest letter in my EE profile today.. It states to contact PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND directly.. I mailed to their immigration website. Is there anything i want to do other than this?
  2. Hey.. can you plz tell me your points for PEI express entry & NOC code? Thanks
  3. I just got had 57 points n my noc 2243. Kindly share link for PEI group
  4. Do you have connections in PEI?
  5. No connection.. I received eoi in ee profile yesterday.. I m not having any idea about it
  6. My brother received a letter of Interest in his EE Profile too. He is a Mechanical Engineer. Pls let us know if you find out what to do next. Thanks
  7. how did you guys get interest without connection? any job offer?
  8. Hi. Ask whether he got any email or update in PEI ACCOUNT.. i just received message in EE profile
  9. Have you received the notification in EE profile or on PEI PNP account?
  10. Without job offer? You currently living in PE?
  11. QUOTE="virendera84, post: 7145674, member: 623576"]Have you received the notification in EE profile or on PEI PNP account?[/QUOTE]
    I received in Ee profile only
  12. I received in Ee profile only[/QUOTE]
    My score is 65 for PEI with NOC 0113. I do not know whether I will receive the invitation ever or not.
  13. Do you have any job offer? Are you currently in PEI?
  14. Hi,
    I also received the notification in the same NOC and sent them a mail right away but did not get any response from them yet. What about you? Could you share your email I'd please?
  15. Hi
    What is his NOC.
    There are many noc under mechanical engineering.
    I am also mech engg.

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