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Passport stamping at Canadian Embassy, Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Sushanta, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Hello, Sorry to reply just now...
    I have been in a long vacation as soon as I received my passport with visa...
    I received it after 12 days... send my passport NOv.1- AUE got it Nov. 4- They shipped it back Nov. 11- And it was in my hands Nov. 12.
    Yep.. I landed already... though later than expected... but it was by choice.. due to some more vacay plans..
    I do hope you landed already too.
    God bless.
  2. Hello, I received mine after 12 days.. from the day I sent it until I received it.. It was via Aramex too.. and they really don't give airway bill.. because when they deliver to UAE, they just but a note as return bill... and UAE CA embassys know already what to do. I had an aramex app to tract all my shipment and also they are sending a msg ones your pp is already shipped by CA embassy. MIne was in the app. I had a notif saying My pp was already shipped through aramex.. and I received it after a day...well.. I went to their main aramex office and pick it up myself...because I know I will be waiting more days if I'll wait for them to deliver it in my doorstep...
    so.. do one thing... keep track by having their app...
    if still no update there.. call aramex.. it is only aramex taht you can call but not the canadian embassy, unfortunately.
    Keep the faith, Pray.
    God bless.

  3. Hello dear Faithgly27
    Thank you so much for your reply and happy for you for your landing
    I got my passport back 5 weeks after submission
    I am planning to move by July

    I wish you all the best

  4. Hi Faithgly27,

    Will be flying soon this March.
    Can u pls give some advice if its cheaper to buy winter jackets here in Dubai or its better to buy in Canada?

  5. Hi the best option is that , you may buy it from Canada as you are going to live there .and the stuff that your buying from here may not suitable for you in the climate over there as it goes till March below zero degrees..
    Hope that make sense.
  6. No, shop in Canada's goose store in Beijing is another option. One can shop an array of genuine Canada's goose products.
  7. I agreed. however,canada goose product is way more than expensive... Go for Columbia or NF instead.
  8. Eddie Bauer is also an option...
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  9. Hi,

    Congrats on your landing and goodluck for the future.

    Please advise, I am from Pakistan and working in KSA. I submit my PR application while working in KSA. Pakistan visa office is Abu Dhabi, how to know that my visa office in Abu Dhabi, not London visa office?

    Where are you belong to?

  10. Hi all friends I submitted my passport 22 February 2019 to Abu Dhabi embassy for work permit stamping but till now I am waiting
  11. A moment ago
    Ohh.. it took months for you. It only took 8 days for me to get my pp back. I also submitted it in Abu dhabi embassy through Aramex.
  12. Did you pass it personally? And did you also follow-up?? Cause its already been 4 months that you’ve been waiting for it.
  13. Dear friends
    Past for 4 months VFS global website showing status your passport in under process in ircc office but today I'm searching today showing ( no record found ) what is that I don't understand
  14. You should follow-up you’re papers. Probably go to the VFS office or into the CanadianEbassy in Abu dhabi
  15. Hi friends.. Did you receive your passport back? I did the same too. I sent my passport through Aramex to Immigration section,Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi after I received the letter from IRCC. I have not used VFS. It was delivered to Embassy on July 4th, but since I didn't use VFS, no tracking is even available. I am too worried now. Is it alright to send directly to Canadian Embassy? I have attached return Aramex bill too. Will they send any e mail if they start processing? or, any e-mail id to contact them?Please help !!

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