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Passport stamping at Canadian Embassy, Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Sushanta, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Dear friends,

    We applied for visiting visa to Canada "on-line" and have been processed successfully.

    I have following three queries:

    Query - 1

    After receiving letter from CIC, Canada, I have submitted my & wife's passport to Abu Dhabi office through Aramex (as we stay in Bahrain), which has been received by them on 21st April. when can I expect the passport back through Aramex?

    Query - 2

    for our son's passport stamping, is it possible he can go to Abu Dhabi Embassy himself and deposit the passport himself at their office and collect it by hand, if so, how many days they take for stamping.

    Query - 3

    Is the Canadian Embassy at Abu Dhabi receive passports by person on all working days (except Fridays & Saturdays).

    Early response shall be highly appreciated.


  2. 1. You would receive it back in 10 business days max.
    2. You could cut down 2 business days of delivery. It doesnt really matter u walk into the embassy.
    3. Yes they do except on holidays.

  3. 1. For Indians it's about 10-14 working days. For Pakistanis it's 30 days.
    2. Yes but preferable is 'online' system.
    3. Visa section is open 4 days a week.
  4. Is there any update?

    Did you receive your passport?
  5. Information applying visitor visa to Canada through Canadian Embassy, Abu Dhabi

    Submitted documents online for visitor visa on 13th April 2014

    Received confirmation online on 22nd April - Delay due to 2 days Easter holidays

    Sent passports along with confirmation letter to Canadian Embassy, Abu Dhabi on 26th April 2014 from Kuwait

    Received confirmation from Aramex tracking received shipment on 27th April 2014

    Received information from Aramex return shipment tracking on 5th May 2014

    Received passport on 6th May 2014 thro self pickup

    hope this information is useful
  6. I sent 4 passports for visa stamping through Aramex courier. How can I track visa stamping status?
  7. There is no such thing as visa stamping status. If CIC request's your passports, then you are approved. All you can do is track when your passport is delivered to CIC, when it is dispatched from CIC, and when it arrives back to your local Aramex office.
  8. Does that mean you didnt send it to the VAC? And didnt pay VAC fees?
    How did it go?
  9. how many processing days/wks for visa stamping in abu dhabi??i submitted my PP in vfs muscat May 11, they received on May 15..,until now i didn't get my pp back.
  10. hello did u send email inquiry to cic abi dhabi? i have sent my pp last april but up to now no news.
  11. Hey Guys,

    Could you please tell me how much do Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi charge for visa stamping on each passport(Express Entry Visa). Thank you

    Awaiting your reply soon.

  12. I have recently sent my pp to ADVO for PR stamping(paper application)and I was charged100 aed for each passport as Embassy fees
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  13. Has anyone sent passports to Abu Dhabi from Qatar for PR visa? How long did it take to come back with counterfoil?
    I had sent mine 10 days ago, and VFS told me it takes one month for the entire process.
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  14. Hi all, it has been a month since I sent my passport from Qatar to Abu Dhabi through VFS global. They sent me one confirmation email at that time, and no news after that. The tracker simply states the case is being processed. Has anyone received their passport back?
  15. i have submitted mine Passport from Dubai to Abu Dhabi embassy on 04- December 2017 how long they will take........
    can i celebrate new year with my family hehhehehehhehe

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