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Passport stamping at Canadian Embassy, Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Sushanta, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. It takes how many total days my friend?
  2. I have been told it takes 5 weeks
    They are within the timeline
    See, they will send it to the same Aramex sender office. Just from time to time make a call to you Aramex office
    Praying for you
  3. Thank you and goodluck
  4. Thank you
  5. Hi , did u got ur Passport back with visa stamped on it? I’m also waiting for my passport back, send it through Aramex to Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Hope you’ll get ur PP back soon.
  6. Yah i got my passport actually aba dhabi finish stamping my passport on december 31, they hand over to aramex that date, but they forgot to put my number on it,almost 1 mont my passport on aramex,thats what i decided wrote a letter again to embassy, i explain my sitution the following day i recieved i call from them, they give me a tracking number, by them i git only my passpot to aramex
  7. When u got ur pp back? Congrats, where in Canada u will stay?
  8. On january 27 only
    My family is on ontario new market
  9. Hey I submitted my passport on the 3rd of February. Have you gotten yours back yet? When do you submit yours?

  10. Heyy BCBC,

    I submitted our passports last Jan.28, then we got our passport back last Feb.4. Hopefully you will get your’s soon. Where did you send you’re PP?
  11. Hey!
    Oh wow that was quick. Only 8 days. That’s really good. I submitted my passport to VFS Dubai. They told us 2 to 4 weeks. But they added a note to our file saying that we have tickets on February 20th. I also sent them an email explaining my situation. My son is in school and needs to get back to Canada as soon as possible. They have not responded yet but I think they are aware of our situation. It’s really stressful not knowing how long it takes. So hopefully they return the passport quick.
    Also congratulations on getting your passport back. When r u planing to land?

  12. We submitted our PP through Aramex , I also thought it would take some weeks and told myself better we submitted it through VFS..Yes, really it is so stressfull esp. in you’re case that you’ve got ur tickets ready and ur son needs to get back to school. We’re planning to land on last week of March, we’re still waiting for our flight tickets from our employer. In you’re case, I guess you’re PP will be back very soon hopefully this coming days.
  13. Thanks. I am very hopeful that it comes this week. So u submitted through VFS or Aramex? Is there difference between them in terms of faster processing?

  14. I submitted through Aramex, I’ve search also this topic which one is faster regarding the visa stamping. Almost they said its the VFS , since we are in a hurry, we just send it through Aramex. The problem is that we need to go to VFS for the biometrics. Did u check ur VFS status?
  15. Yes. I don’t need to do biometrics. (Old applicant). But I check online and they say it’s under progress at Abu Dhabi office.

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