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P.Eng APEGA (Professional Engineers of Alberta) review timeline

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by jez.s009, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. It seemed the review duration is quite long now. My status changed into Internal Review on April 4. It is still in the Internal Review stage now!
  2. HI
    Can you share about you work experience? is it international?years?
  3. Is there anyone who applied for EIT and in process ??
  4. India
    Mechanical Engineering
    Ask me to write fundamental basically your entire subjects
  5. Hi All.

    Has anyone applied to APEGA using the most recent CBA tool? If so how was it? I'm about to finally apply for my P.Eng after starting the process twice and just stopped due to time issues with work. I'm internationally trained and graduated over 20 years now. I have worked in Canada 5 years now. Is there any tips or resources that anyone can share on this new process? Both my degrees ( BSc. and MSc.) have been accredited by WES.
  6. Hi all,

    I'm in the application process and just realized that I made a mistake in the application. I want to change the field of engineering I'm applying for. Does anyone know how to get this done?
  7. Just Talk to your application coordinator . She will be able to assist you
  8. Does Anyone have the same issue? I applied P.eng Sep.2018 and Case to Board Aug 2019.
    Today I checked my status and it shows:
    Case to Board -Complete -Aug 2019
    Case to Board - In Progress -Sep 2019
    Anyone know how come there are 2 "Case to Board" sections?
  9. Sep 2018 to Aug 2019 - that was a long time for P.Eng application!
    You can call APEGA office and check why there are two Case to Board. I guess it is an error.
  10. Thanks. I made contact and had to cancel and re-start.
  11. Just got an eMail from APEGA that i have to take Fundamentals of Engineering Exam . Can anybody here share their valuable experience / tips regarding the exam . How tough is the exam and what books should i read ? Its been 9 years since i did Mechanical Engineering
  12. Guys anyone knows how many question from 110 should be correct to pass the NPPE exam? I had the exam today and it was very tough! I am not sure if I’ll pass
  13. Sumeet, I took the FE exam last month and passed. Email me and I can share more info with you. I took a course that was very helpful.
  14. Hi All,

    I am a PhD Candidate of Mechanical Engineering in a Non Canadian University. Expecting to graduate soon. I had submitted my request for EIT, in March 2019. It is in the Academic Review. They have told me that reviewing committee are volunteers, and they are busy with family and Job responsibilities. This is very frustrating, since there is nothing that can be done except waiting.

    Although my Bachelors degree was declared a four-year degree with a major in Mechanical Engineering by WES, and I am in the research phase of my PhD degree, I am not sure what they usually do in cases like me. I am looking at job advertisements, and they require the person to have EIT status. This is very frustrating since, I expect that any volunteer work, by the very nature will be slow. This is very unusual as well.

    Furthermore, there is no history of decisions to look at, to prepare oneself of the possible outcomes, beforehand. I mean, if I could see, what they have recommended to people similar to my credentials, I could prepare myself for it, or plan in advance. It seems that it might take six more months for academic review and God knows what will they recommend. I am really worried about the future. Would appreciate any help, or suggestions. Thank you so much.

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