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P.Eng APEGA (Professional Engineers of Alberta) review timeline

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by jez.s009, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I recently applied application for P.Eng to APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) and my reference check has been done.Anyone knows normally how much time usually board of examiner usually take for the decision?

  2. Hi

    I am also in the same boat.

    My status is updated as all are received such as academic, work experience and reference.

    When did you apply to APEGA and what is your NOC, exp and educational background etc...........

    My application was initiated on Sep 23, 2015, and I got e-mail on last Monday saying that your application is under internal review.

    I think we can support and share information...........to get the clear picture about review process and their decision.

    By the way I am chemical engineer and I have experience of exactly 10 years.
  3. Now i am planning to apply for APEGA P.Eng could you please tell me the procedure ?? what kind of exam do i need to write ??
  4. Hi all friends and seniors,

    Good to hear that you guys are processing for P.Eng with APEGA. I am going to take P.Eng (PPE) exam with APEGBC on coming March 2016, and please let me know if you guys have any old Q&A for PPE for P.Eng (electrical enginner). Because Q & A from Albreta for P.Eng (Electrical) is almost same with APEGBC (extended version of Q&A from Alberta). Appreciate it. All the best for P.Eng Exam. Thanks.


  5. Hi guys
    I am thinking of enrolling in for P.Eng. Although I have some doubts
    1.Can I apply on basis of my past experience in UAE ? I was a Maintenance engineer with a facility management industry in UAE.
    2. Am I eligible to apply as a Professional engineer or do I have to apply as MIT !!! I have a bachelors of tech in Electronics and a communication. And a diploma in electrical engineering and 5+ experience in the field of electrical (specifically as a Maintenance professional).

    Please guys guide me with the links if possible and do suggest me weather I can apply with my professional experience or as a member in training ?
    To add to it, I am not employed in the same field here in Canada just doing some survival job !!! Any leads will be appreciated. Thanks a lot in Advance.
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  7. Hi,

    I am planning to move to canada permenantly in 2017. Can I apply Now ?
  8. Yes you can apply under forgein license category
  9. Thank you, CVIF123
  10. Guys just email registration@apega.com explaining your experience and education; They will guide you to the best pathway.
  11. Hi,
    Has anyone applied for their P.Eng and awaiting review with APEGA?

    My references sent in their questionnaires on 21st April, 2016. And it has been almost 3 months now the application is under "Internal Review". Is anyone in the same boat? I was an EIT prior to obtaining my +4yrs of experience and applying for my P.Eng. I also have a bachelors in Mechnanical, but most of my experience has been as a Reservoir Eng.

    Thanks guys!

  12. My application under review. ..I think they may ask you for academic upgrade and more experience as your experience not related to your education .. wait for apega instructions to go further. .did you wrote nppe?
  13. Sure you can apply before you landed. If you apply when you reach to Canada, you are wasting your time. check which province you are going to apply.

    1) If your undergraduate degree is from one of the Washington Accord OR if your undergraduate degree is NOT from Washington Accord lists then your post graduate degree is from Washington Accord lists? If yes, they will probably waive all of your ACADEMIC Exams. Email and check with REGISTRAR first before you apply. Otherwise they may ask you take some academic exams.
    Important to check with respective P.Eng Board first because different P.Eng Board have different styles.
    For Examples, when you apply with APEGBC, during PPE exam you need to write EXTRA 1 hour ESSAY type questions for LAW and ETHICS exam. But when you apply with APEGA i think no need that ESSAY type questions.

    2) After your ACADEMIC ASSESSMENTS completed, write EXPERIENCE REPORT.

    3)NPPE exam (check with the P.Eng Board which you are going to apply whether they allow you to take NPPE exam outside of Canada). For APEGBC, they allow if you know any P.Eng from Canada or USA who can invigilate during your NPPE exam.

    4)With APEGBC, you need to watch 2 DVDs for Law and Ethics OR attend Seminars for Law and Ethics sessions (Now no more) or online program. Check for other Province.

    Until you get PROVINCIAL LICENSE you can finish all these steps outside of CANADA, because you don't have 1 year Canada experience. After you got Provincial License, then work under P.Eng for 1 year, you will get your FULL P.Eng. Hope this help.

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  14. Yes, I wrote the NPPE Ethics exam and cleared it. I am just curious to know the timeline of the review....all i know with APEGA is the more time they take....not a good thing for me. :'(
  15. Hi Micheal_2011,

    Congrats for your NPPE exam.

    During your NPPE Exam, Multiple Choice Questions come out from Ethics and Law ,2 references book? or some from old Q & A which can buy 3 sets from APEGA? Which is more difficult to answer, Ethics or Law Session? For me, Law part is more difficult than Ethics. Thanks and please let me know.



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