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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by baimmeb, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Nothing new. Still the same
  2. Mine is similar, 15 th October applicant, all is finalized including BG check etc. But still no DM in applicant s side
  3. APP received : Aug 10th 2018
    AOR :Sep 6 2018
    CSQ approved : Oct 20 2018
    Medical Done : Nov 7 2018
    SA letter: March 25 2019
    Background check: April 2019
    Pre-Arrival : June 3 2019

    Nothing since pre arrival letter
  4. My Application stuck in since FEB 2019 No progress timeline in the signature , any advice.
  5. Didn’t they never send you medical request? Also, why did you pay biometrics?
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  6. They request to pay biometric fee and but after confirmation of the biometric Fee payment they didn’t request anything , but on my request by web form they replied that it’s in progress .
  7. Oh, I just saw you’re an outside applicant. I know nothing about it. You should ask in the right group, you’ll absolutely get better answers! Good luck!
  8. Hi, Qc applicant here.
    We applied 1 year ago, and received AIP and SA in August. No news since then. I called the service center and they said that basically it's all done, they are only waiting for a decision and there is a note to the file saying they are waiting for the province to be able to make a decision... Not sure why nor what that means, but I know a lot of Qc applicants have longer wait time because of that.
  9. Would you please share timeline
    I am 15th Oct applicant,same issue
  10. Hi, I received a mail from Cic it’s says
    This refers to your application for permanent residence under the spouse
    You are required to attend an interview before a case processing officer
    Is that mean landing interview
  11. It might be relationship interview. Please take a screenshot and blur the important information so we can be sure what exactly it is.
  12. This refers to your application for permanent residence under the Spouse or Common-law Partner in Canada Class You are required to attend an interview before a Case Processing Officer at: Canada Place #October 31, 2019Please have your spouse attend this interview as well. If you require the services of an interpreter have one attend with you however please note that neither family or counsel can interpret for this interview. On the day of the interview please report directly to the Commissionaire at the Canada Immigration Centre in Edmonton as noted above at least fifteen (15) minutes before the time scheduled for your interview. Sincerely
  13. I think this is relationship interview not landing.
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  14. What do you mean it’s relationship interview

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